Saturday 20th Jan 2018 - Logistics & Supply Chain

51pc of supply chains disrupted by weather

Over half of global supply chains were disrupted by bad weather this year, according to a survey of over 500 multinational companies sponsored by DHL Supply Chain.

The survey, carried out by the Business Continuity Institute showed that 51 per cent of supply chains were affected by adverse weather, 41 per cent by telecommunication problems and 21 per cent by transport network disruption, over the past year.

49 per cent of businesses reported a a loss of productivity from such disruption, while the cost of business was raised for  38 per cent, and 32 per cent lost revenue.

Costs from a single disruption were reported in excess of £1m by 14 per cent of respondents, with 1 per cent citing costs in excess of £100m.

21 per cent of businesses were disrupted by the natural disasters in Japan and New Zealand.

Graham Clark, business continuity management co-ordinator at DHL Supply Chain said: “Risk assessments, and an overall review of the end-to-end supply chain can provide insight and improved visibility, helping minimise potential disruption.”

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