Saturday 17th Aug 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Cargo theft rates increase

The volume of cargo theft grew across much of the western hemisphere, according to FreightWatch International, which has just released its annual global threat assessment.

The United States, Mexico, Brazil and other South American countries reported substantial increases in theft.

The study found that rates of theft in Europe were down for 2011, but it warned that a lack of reporting continued to be a problem. Theft rates across Africa and Asia remained steady.

“As global supply chains adapt to a changing economy, so are cargo criminals,” said FreightWatch chief Barry Conlon. “Theft gangs are becoming increasingly active, stealing cargo in significant quantities and making huge profits on the black market. To develop a comprehensive security plan, industry professionals must first understand the complexities of the risks they face.”

The Global Threat Assessment looks at each region of the world and the countries considered major players in the world’s supply chain, analysing cargo theft rates, criminal tactics, targeted goods and government efforts to curtail this growing problem.

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