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Optimise your supply chain

Optimising the supply chain and benchmarking are critical issues for supply chain professionals. They will be the focus of a special pre-conference day at Extended Supply Chain which takes place in London next month.

The programme has been put together by consultants Oliver Wight and chaired by partner Dave Manning. It will look at why benchmarking is worthwhile and what value can be gained from it.
What are the steps involved in benchmarking and is it possible to obtain useful, clean, comparable data. Sessions include:

The Role of Technology in Optimising Your Supply Chain
Cathy Humphreys, Manager, Supply Chain Solutions, Infor
•    Technology, speed of change and todays expectations
•    Applying the right tools for the job, from mathematical problem solving to visibility and decision workflows
•    How technology supports the effectiveness of supply chain decisions (quality, speed, outcome probabilities and risk)
•    What will the future look like?

How Different Approaches in S&OP Between Heinz and a Leading Global Lubricants Corporation Delivered Significant Improvements in Business and Supply Chain Performance
Gerard de Bruijn, Founder, Brown & Roots•    What makes them different: enabling relationships through information sharing as well as integrating and streamlining processes
•    What is consistent: reducing supply chain costs and maximising customer service through horizontal collaboration
•    How does this affect the design and implementation?
•    But in all cases they drove the right behaviour horizontally through aligned metrics and incentives and realised significant improvements

Supply Chain Excellence – Why it’s Now Business Critical
Les Brookes, CEO, Oliver Wight EAME
•    Excellence in supply chain performance has never been more important for an efficient, profitable business – and for gaining competitive advantage
•    Supply chain optimisation is an absolute necessity as we face the prospect of a double-dip recession and supply chains are already drained and struggling to meet performance requirements
•    It is crucial the executive is engaged: to achieve supply chain excellence, big decisions have to be made at the most senior level
•    Optimise around the realities of your existing supply chain and infrastructure

Optimising Supply Chain Performance: What will be the Significance of People, Process and Tools?
Moderator: Dave Manning, Partner, Oliver Wight
Gerard de Bruijn, Founder, Brown & Roots
Cathy Humphreys, Manager, Supply Chain Solutions, Infor
Les Brookes, CEO, Oliver Wight
•    What are the current supply chain challenges that business faces?
•    Can systems truly help to plan and manage the end to end supply chain?
•    Will collaboration both with customer and supplier deliver benefits to all?
•    Do companies really understand what supply chain excellence looks like?

Interactive Workshop: Driving Enhanced Supply Chain and Business Performance Through Integrated Business Planning
Dave Manning, Partner, Oliver Wight
Faced with increasing complexity in business and a volatile economic environment, more and more organisations have come to realise that an effective supply chain – agile, responsive and at the same time cost effective – is critical for success.  Whether the need is to release cash, differentiate through service, manage a global network, or all of the above; integration is the key.  Superb supply chain performance requires alignment across the organisation; seamless integration with the portfolio changes; a deep understanding of customer and consumer demands; and full financial integration.
Integrated Business Planning enables the executive and general management team to anticipate change early, understand the implications and make timely decisions in order to keep the business on track, thus delivering the performance demanded by stakeholders and staying ahead of the competition.  This session will show you what can be achieved and the essential requirements for success.

Vision to Value: The Nampak Flexible IBP Journey
Monté Maritz, Partner, Oliver Wight, on behalf of Nampak Flexible

Interactive Workshop: Using Benchmarking to Create Motivation for Change
Jerry Shanahan, Partner, Oliver Wight
This workshop session will provide delegates with the opportunity to discuss and achieve an appreciation of how Benchmarking:
•    Is a lot more than a set of comparable targets
•    Can be used to drive real actions in the business
•    Is a key enabler in driving behavioural change

The Extended Supply Chain conference takes place in London from 16th to 18th April. Full details are on the web site:

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