Tuesday 29th Sep 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Tesco expands supplier collaboration hub

Tesco’s expansion of its Knowledge Hub programme is ahead of target, and it reckons it is now the world’s largest ever on-line collaboration between retail suppliers.

The Tesco Knowledge Hub, hosted by 2degrees, was opened to Tesco’s top 300 suppliers last year.  Since opening the hub to its top 1,000 suppliers last month, it is now used by 750 members from 380 different organisations in more than 20 countries.

Tesco  has a target  to bring the majority of its top 1,000 suppliers into the hub by the end of 2012.

The collaboration is designed to reduce the energy costs, waste and environmental impacts of the products Tesco buys, ultimately cutting 30 per cent of the carbon emissions from the supply chain by 2020.

Helen Fleming, climate change director at Tesco said: “With hundreds of suppliers in many countries, many with expertise in different aspects of sustainability, the best way to make progress is to share knowledge through our supply chains, across the industry, and across national boundaries.”

Through the hub, Tesco and its suppliers can explore challenges and opportunities between events, with suppliers sharing know-how and experience, sourcing information and learning through online discussions, forums, meetings and presentations.

Martin Chilcott, founder and chief executive of 2degrees said: “The remarkable results of the Knowledge Hub on 2degrees in its first year means we can expand the programme to enable all Tesco’s top 1000 suppliers to benefit from the best practice sharing and collaborative problem-solving it enables.”

* Martin Chilcott will be talking about collaborative efficiencies and sustainability at the Extended Supply Chain conference tomorrow ( 18th April).


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