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Assembly Elections 2005

ELA board member. Henk Oudenes, representing VLM, the Netherlands logistic association, is managing director of a third party logistics company and will ensure that the industry’s views are well represented. ELA Board Member.

Professor Hans Christian Pfohl, representing VDIGermany, is a distinguished academic and former ELA president, who has been a driving force behind ELA’s development. He will continue to chair the ELA Research & Development Committee. ElA Board Member. Professor Frank Straube, a vice president of BVL Germany, is also no stranger to ELA activity and will continue to bring deep experience of research issues to the ELA Board. ELA secretary general. Marc Fourny, a vicepresident of ABCAL Belgium, has been a dedicated ELA secretary general since

ELA vice president. Roland Dachs, a distinguished President of ASLOG, the French logistics association, and a previous ELA board member. He brings tremendous commercial and organisational experience to this appointment. He is committed to the growth of the ELA and to it’s playing a growing role in European logistics

ELA board member. Peter Kiss, co-president of HALPIM, the Hungarian logistics association, is no stranger to ELA affairs and will bring a vital voice from Central Europe to the workings of the ELA board.

ELA board member. Domenico Netti, a past president of AILOG, the Italian logistics association, Domenico brings practical experience of international development to the board.

November 2001. He will stay for at least two more years in this function that he handles so well.

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