Thursday 15th Aug 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

IBM targets marketing to supply chain with cloud software

IBM has launched new software designed to improve data sharing and automate complex marketing and supply chain processes in the cloud.

IBM Commerce on Cloud is integrated e-commerce software that spans marketing, selling and fulfilment. It covers the process of generating customer interest and then offering, selling, transacting and fulfilling orders in the cloud.

“Accelerating commerce on the Cloud is a dramatic step forward in enabling companies to transform their business operations,” said Craig Hayman, general manager, IBM Industry Solutions. “Companies of all sizes can now deliver a better client experience by providing personalised marketing, selling the way customers want to buy, and delivering products through a supply chain that’s prepared for the unpredictable.”

IBM also has enhanced several of its on-cloud collaboration networks to accelerate collaboration and digital information sharing across demand and supply processes to offset the unpredictable nature of commerce.

IBM B2B Cloud Services, which is designed to expedite supply chain processes, is currently available across a community of 300,000 trading entities and more than 90 public and private networks, is now available in 34 new countries, including Australia, Brazil, India, New Zealand and all the Central and Eastern European countries.

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