Sunday 21st Apr 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Oliver Wight benchmarking guide to halving supply chain costs

Oliver Wight reckons organisations can provide best-in-class service while halving their supply chain costs, by using performance benchmarking.

The company has released a guide to the benefits and methodology behind supply chain benchmarking for any firm with an end to end supply chain.

Oliver Wight Partner, Jerry Shanahan, said: “Whatever your industry, an optimized supply chain is vital for delivering excellent customer service, reducing costs and gaining that competitive advantage. But unless you know how well you are performing and what best-in-class looks like, you won’t know where you can improve or by how much.”

“Performance Benchmarking places a different lens on your business from an external perspective. Instead of asking ‘what can we do to improve?’ the question becomes ‘what can we do to become best-in-class?’”

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