Tuesday 11th Aug 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Witron expands German automotive outfit

Automotive and truck spare parts supplier Ferdinand Bilstein has taken on Witron for an expansion of its warehousing in Ennepetal in Germany, following increased sale sand its purchase of the British firm Automotive Distributors.

The facility in Ennepetal will be expanded from 36,000 SKUs to some 105,000 SKUs. 

The tote picking system OPS will be expanded by 16 additional pick workstations to make 26 in total. Storage aisles will increase from ten to nineteen, and its 100,000 storage locations will increase to 190,000.

The module picking system for the automated storage and picking of heavy and bulky parts will receive eight additional pick workstations, making 20 in total; four new storage aisles to make eleven11 in total and 22,200 pallet locations making 61,500 in total. The “automated product packing department” will be expanded by 6 workstations to make 21 in total.

A new 4-aisle automated high bay warehouse will stand 28 meters tall and hold 10,250 pallet locations. This dispatch buffer will provide pallets in the proper timing and sequence for trailer loading, using far less floor space than the current manual buffering process.

The dispatch buffer will also be used to store and supply packaging material, freeing up capacity in the MPS pallet high bay warehouse and increasing performance in the MPS zones.

Logistics manager Frank Boecker , said: “We already require the additional logistics resources originally planned to be used in 2015… As a result of the very good experiences we made with Witron’s Order Picking System and MPS Module Picking System in terms of cost-efficiency, performance, quality, flexibility, and ergonomics, we immediately made the decision to implement these same solutions for our future expansion.”

Witron acted as general contractor for the existing logistics centre that Fedinand Bilstein has been operating since 2008.

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