Thursday 23rd May 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Understanding the green supply chain

Climate change and environmental concerns have become key issues across the business world. Indeed, many companies now wonder how to best deal with environmental challenges and whether to re-think the structure and operations of their supply chain to pro-actively drive environmentally friendly measures. How are companies investing in their supply chain to improve the environment? Are those investments about improving the environment or benefiting from it? What do such investments look like?
In order to answer these questions, BearingPoint, ESCP-EAP and Supply Chain Standard are launching a global supply chain and the environment study.

We would like to invite you to participate in this study by completing the on-line questionnaire at by July 30th 2007; this should take no more than 20 minutes. We guarantee that your answers will remain totally anonymous and confidential. In the event that you are not the most appropriate person to answer the questions addressed in the questionnaire, we request that you direct the most appropriate person within your company to the survey. 

Those who complete the questionnaire will qualify for a free copy of the final report from this study, due in January 2008, just tick the designated box in the questionnaire. Visit:

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