Wednesday 24th Apr 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

General Motors reject speculation on PSA alliance

General Motors has re-asserted its commitment to its alliance with PSA Peugeot Citroen after press speculation that it was backing away from a plan to share its mid-sized car technology with the French company.

As part of the deal, PSA subsidiary Gefco is due to take over the majority of logistics operations for GM’s brands in Europe from next year.

In a statement GM said the alliance was focused on three pillars: logistics, purchasing and product development. However, it refused to comment on potential manufacturing projects.

It said: “While we will not comment on all the details because of the speculative nature of the story ‘GM hampers alliance between Opel and PSA’ published on Spiegel Online, we want to clarify some general facts.

“In contrast to what Spiegel Online claims, this is not an alliance between Opel and PSA, but a global alliance between GM and PSA. And one of the main reasons why GM entered the alliance with PSA was to create synergies in and for Europe and therefore support the Opel/Vauxhall business. Not the opposite.

“From the start, the alliance has been focused on three pillars: logistics, purchasing and product development. After an agreement on logistics was reached earlier this year, we are now working on a purchasing agreement and we are studying a number of engineering projects.

“From those under study, we will select those that make most sense and that are ultimately resulting in the best possible cars for our customers. No decisions have been made, so any claim about alleged previous or new plans, are entirely wrong.

“Manufacturing projects are not part of the existing Alliance agreement so we have nothing to say about manufacturing.”

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