Sunday 23rd Jun 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Tesco drops supplier following horse meat discovery

Tesco has sacked one of its suppliers after horsemeat was found in some of its burgers.

And it has promised to introduce DNA testing for all its meat products to ensure that it doesn’t face a similar situation in the future.

An investigation by the retailer found that its supplier, Silvercrest, has used meat that did not come from the list of approved suppliers, said Tesco group technical director Tim Smith.

“Nor was the meat from the UK or Ireland, despite our instruction that only beef from the UK and Ireland should be used in our frozen beef burgers. Consequently we have decided not to take products from that supplier in future. We took that decision with regret but the breach of trust is simply too great.”

Smith said the new checks would be a significant investment for Tesco, borne by Tesco.

“We want to leave customers in no doubt that we will do whatever it takes to ensure the quality of their food and that the food they buy is exactly what the label says it is.”

The horse meat issue came to light on 14th January.

In a statement on 26th January, Silvercrest’s parent company, ABP Food Group, said that investigations had shown that the contamination originated with a third party continental supplier.

Paul Finnerty, group chief executive, ABP Food Group said: “While the company has never knowingly purchased or traded in equine product, I wish to take this opportunity to apologise for the impact this issue has caused.”

It announced a reorganisation of the business including appointment of a new management team at the Silvercrest facility.

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