Thursday 25th Apr 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

New network for process manufacturers

Supply chain network supplier Elemica has launched QuickLinks 2.0 which captures transaction data across the entire network, creating a critical mass of real-time business information allowing partners to respond to supply and demand changes.

It offers an operating platform with social collaboration, quick on-boarding, B2B integration, and analytics, called QuickLinks 2.0.

The firm says the system is “completely new” and built from the ground up for process manufacturers.

 “Our clients want more control across their supply chains and lower costs from significantly reduced working capital requirements,” said chief executive John Blyzinskyj.

“Capturing all their transaction data, enriching it to work in any construct across varied enterprises globally, and enabling better social collaboration, are fundamental to helping them achieve their goals. By building the new network platform from the ground up, and taking advantage of today’s leading edge technologies, Elemica has broken through the limitations of legacy approaches.”

Built-in social collaboration gives the ability to discover, create, and build new or more robust business relationships faster.

The system also enables scalable trading partner on-boarding campaigns, automation of customer driven processes with a critical mass of partners, and has partner discovery search features.

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