Friday 7th Aug 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Two years to close the visibility gap

Manufacturers believe that they will need to provide full visibility of their supply chains as a base requirement, according to a survey of 45 consumer goods supply chain and logistics professionals who attended workshop entitled “Beyond the Visibility Gap” last month.

It found that suppliers are the squeezed middle of the supply chain, at one end facing demand for improved service from customers and at the other lacking the timely information from logistics service providers that prevent customers imposing punitive measures for delays or mistakes.

The survey highlighted increased demand for visibility with ninety per cent of suppliers saying it was more important to their businesses in 2013 than in 2012. Ninety per cent also witnessed increased demand from customers for timeliness and accuracy.

On the delivery side, only forty-three per cent of logistics service providers were able to provide clean or unclean proof of delivery information to suppliers within twenty-four hours.

LSPs said information supplied from their sub-contractors became corrupted or diluted; with a mere seven per cent able to provide accurate data to suppliers as a result.

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