Friday 7th Aug 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Manufacturers need to put customers first

Only nine per cent of leading manufacturers understand the importance of creating a customer-oriented culture and process workflows, according to Epicor’s IDC Manufacturing Insights report.

“Many manufacturers have an immature understanding of how a customer-oriented strategy can be implemented within an organisation,” said Pierfrancesco Manenti, head of IDC Manufacturing Insights research practice in Europe, Middle East & Africa.

“Manufacturers need to move along the spectrum for maturity in order to continue to stay competitive.”

The research also suggests that companies can improve customer experience by investing in an ERP system that streamlines operational processes and connects back office with front office by offering integrated CRM, warranty and aftermarket functionality.

The survey found that in companies with 100–1,000 employees, over 90 per cent of respondents indicated that their ERP has limited, little or no contribution towards the delivery of a good customer experience.

However the opposite was true for larger manufacturers with more than 5,000 employees.

IDC Manufacturing Insights surveyed over 460 enterprises across multiple sectors including industrial machinery and equipment, high-tech and metal fabrication, covering 13 countries.

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