Friday 19th Apr 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Time for Sales to take ownership of demand management

Organisations need sales and marketing to take ownership of the demand management process if they are to keep up with the competition, according to a new white paper from Oliver Wight.

“In the current business environment it’s more important than ever that companies are consumerdriven; that means not only capturing and understanding demand, but influencing it. The process needs to be led and managed by those closest to the consumer – sales and marketing,” said Debbie Heaton, partner in Oliver Wight and author of “Demand Management- A sales and marketing process”.

“Collaboration puts the customer at the centre of everything, and in retail for instance, who knows the customer better than the retailer or franchiser? Understanding consumer buying patterns sanctions faster relay of demand signals and the ability to action real-time response.”

Demand analytics have a key role to play, according to Heaton. “With so much information coming at the business, a specialist demand analyst within the marketing team can allow the calibration of assumptions, and continuous review of activity, which will ultimately optimise the customer experience.”

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