Monday 27th May 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

US Air Force in groundbreaking supply chain deal

The US Air Force has signed a groundbreaking supply chain deal with Boeing that it says will streamline contracting, save money and speed up execution by as much as ten months.

The public-private partnership between the US Air Force Sustainment Centre and Boeing is the first of its kind  and allows the three Air Force logistics complexes that are under the AFSC to execute implementation agreements with Boeing, reducing administrative costs and increasing efficiency.

“Boeing is proud to lead the way for industry by developing a new, more efficient and affordable way to do business,” said Scott Strode, vice president and general manager of Maintenance, Modifications & Upgrades for Boeing Defence, Space & Security.

In the past, each complex, Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex, Ogden Air Logistics Complex and Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex,  would enter into an individual partnering agreement with Boeing, a process that took 12 to 16 months to complete.

The enterprise partnering agreement now in place allows the complexes to move directly to executing the details of the agreement, allowing implementation eight to 10 months earlier.

“The new partnering agreement will make our supply chain more agile so we can deliver maximum mission readiness to our customers,” said Ken Shaw, vice president of Supply Chain Management for Boeing Defence, Space & Security.

The agreement covers products and services including software, commodities, new technology implementation and others.

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