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Cardinal Health tops healthcare supply chains

Cardinal Health has come out top in Gartner’s healthcare supply chain rankings for 2013.

It’s the third year in a row that Cardinal has taken the No 1 spot in the Healthcare Supply Chain Top 25.

Gartner said Cardinal was unique in bringing together, under one ownership structure, an expanding global presence and increasing vertical integration in the form of a manufacturer, medical surgical distributor, international sourcing company, pharmaceutical wholesaler and retail pharmacy along with a myriad of other services.

It was followed by Mayo Foundation in second place and Owens & Minor in third.

The study reflected consolidation that has taken place across the healthcare value chain in 2013.

“The mergers of health systems continued, with more than 100 transactions last year,” Gartner said. “Large systems are growing larger through acquisitions of physician practices, individual hospitals and integrated delivery networks (IDNs).

“Many organisation added complexity to their supply chain and were challenged by another set of integrations to manage. Distributors and wholesalers in North America have made strategic moves to expand their reach in core markets, as well as overseas and even integrated with key customers in some cases.”

Gartner’s Healthcare Supply Chain Top 25 for 2013

1   Cardinal Health
2   Mayo Foundation   
3   Owens & Minor
4   Intermountain Health Care
5   McKesson
6   BD
7   Johnson and Johnson
8   Walgreens
9   CVS Caremark
10   Mercy
11   Pfizer
12   Kaiser Foundation Hospitals
13   Amerisource-Bergen
14   Novartis
15   Abbott Laboratories
16   Geisinger Health Systems
17   AstraZeneca
18   Advocate Healthcare
19   UMPC Health System
20   Cleveland Clinic  
21   Covidien
22   Boston Scientific
23   GlaxoSmithKline
24   Memorial Hermann Healthcare System
25   Ascension Health   

The rankings are based on Gartner’s methodology of combining business metrics with opinion from peers and Gartner’s own analysts.


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