Wednesday 14th Aug 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Predicting the Future

Managing the supply chain would be a whole lot easier if we knew what would happen next, and David Sheldon of Nestlé’s global supply chain development will be sharing his experiences of forecasting strategies and collaborative planning at this year’s Logistics & Supply Chain Conference (previously the Extended Supply Chain Conference).

Sheldon will be on a panel of leading supply chain directors from firms such as Travis Perkins and Logility to lead the debate exploring how reliable current forecasting strategies really are at predicting future consumer demand.

They will look at key issues for an omni-channel environment such as the importance of segmentation of different channels, and they will examine the significance of non-traditional indicators such as social media trends, predicted weather patterns or media coverage.

Supply Chain Standard’s 12th annual Logistics & Supply Chain Conference provides the perfect platform for Supply Chain leaders in Europe to discover very latest industry developments, share ideas and network with like-minded senior professionals.

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