Friday 30th Oct 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

BIFA names successor to Peter Quantrill

The British International Freight Association has named Robert Keen as its new director general to succeed Peter Quantrill who retires next month.

Keen, joined the industry in 1970 and worked for a succession of forwarders before joining BIFA in 1999. He was appointed an executive director of BIFA in 2009.

He is also chairman of the FIATA Multimodal Institute and a member of FIATA’s Extended Board; vice chairman of CLECAT’s Maritime Logistics Institute and a member of the CLECAT’S Board.

Peter Quantrill has been director general of BIFA for the past seven years. National chairman Carson McMullan said: “As the head of the established representative body for the international freight industry, Peter has provided the leadership of BIFA that has helped us to support our members in their efforts to secure their development in the global economy against a background of ever changing customer demands and new legislation.”

Keen’s challenge would be to continue to develop BIFA’s four key objectives – representation and lobbying; the provision of advice and information; promotion and training, McMullan said.

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