Thursday 18th Apr 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Hughenden makes Fresh Connection

Hughenden Consulting is to start running “The Fresh Connection” business simulation for clients from September after signing an agreement with Involvation Interactive, the company behind the simulation.

It expects the simulation to be particularly relevant to clients striving to establish collaborative processes like Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP).

A by Hughenden and eft revealed that only one in five companies used S&OP as the core decision making process for their business. For the rest, S&OP is short-term, operationally focused and helping only to deliver “siloed” objectives.

It reckons that The Fresh Connection will be ideal for companies whose people are highly resistant to cross-functional collaboration due to only having worked and been rewarded in departmental silos.

Hughenden managing director Hugh Williams Hughenden Consulting said: “To support a cross-functional lean initiative, for example, a procurement team may have to forsake a quantity discount to avoid building up excess inventory. However teams used to meeting departmental goals can find making trade-offs like this too uncomfortable to implement.

“Games and “gamification” like The Fresh Connection provide a safe and powerful way to experience in practice how integrated efforts are optimised through new, often counterintuitive, ways of working.”

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