Tuesday 29th Sep 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Skechers plans 25,000 sq m extension to EDC

Footwear company Skechers plans to expand its European Distribution Centre in Belgium by an additional 25,000 sq m to a total size of 70,000 sq m.

David Weinberg, chief operating officer, said: We feel that the opportunity for continued growth in Europe remains high and were excited to expand our EDC to meet the increasing demand for Skechers product.

Thanks to the success of our business in the region supported by the EDC, additional space is needed for future storage and operational requirements, began

Sophie Houtmeyers, Skechers EDC vice president of distribution operations, said: This extension will give us more flexibility for the future. Combined with new automation technologies that we expect to completely install by the end of 2014, these investments will allow us to expand operations in the execution of our European logistics.

The Skechers EDC was inaugurated in 2002 with a surface area of 21,000 sqm. It added a 23,000 sq m extension to 2009.It receives goods from China via the port of Antwerp. The goods are then stored at the EDC until they are redistributed to European markets. The customers of the EDC are third-party accounts, 31 company-owned and 19 franchisee-owned Skechers stores throughout Western Europe, e-commerce in Europe, as well as the Companys international distribution partners in the European region.

Skechers also operates a 170,000 sq m distribution centre in Rancho Belago, California that serves North and South America.  

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