Wednesday 30th Sep 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Speed of fulfilment is critical factor

Speed of fulfilment was the top challenge for 40 per cent of the companies surveyed for a white paper ‘Breaking the fulfilment speed barrier’ by Access.

The white paper points out that in an increasingly e-commerce driven economy, speed, along with accuracy, of fulfilment is a critical factor that can differentiate one supplier from another, influence buying behaviour, and ultimately, win or lose business. Consumers, especially on the internet, increasingly expect next day or even same day delivery as standard. Combined with minimal stock-holding, this is likely to add to the mounting pressure on supply chains to respond instantly to purchase orders and manufacturing requisitions.

Ian Roper, director of Access, said: “Improving the speed and accuracy of fulfilment while controlling the costs of execution is one of the key sources of competitive advantage available throughout business and commerce. While the necessary measures may start on the shop floor and in the warehouse, successful fulfilment depends on communicating and seamlessly integrating with all the partners in the extended supply chain.”

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