Monday 26th Oct 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

HACTL steps up security operations

Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals has stepped up its security operations with the introduction of two electric vehicles to enable security staff to increase the frequency of patrols, and respond to any incidents more quickly.

Security for the Hactl SuperTerminal 1 facility – the largest single cargo terminal in the world – involvies some 260 staff deployed in various duties, including perimeter and premises patrols and guarding, and cargo scanning.

The electric vehicles are limited to 15 kph for safety reasons, but still significantly reduce travel times around the 174,600 sqm Hactl site, which has a perimeter of 1,850 m.

HACTL is Hong Kong’s largest independent cargo handler, serving more than 100 airline companies and 1,000 freight forwarders.

Andrew Sin, Hactl Head of Security said: “The introduction of our mobile patrol vehicles has significantly increased our visible security presence throughout SuperTerminal1. We are making more efficient use of our patrol staff, speeding incident response and even improving our efficiency in dealing with related matters such as clamping of illegally parked vehicles.”

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