Wednesday 8th Apr 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

A call for radical warehouse management

International research identifies a 20-30 percent gap in logistics costs between the best-in-class companies and the majority of their peers. Dutch warehousing expert Jeroen van den Berg shows in his new book ‘Integral Warehouse Management’ how to bridge this gap. ‘A whole generation of logisticians have made us believe that reducing inventories, shortening response times and eliminating activities were the ultimate goals in supply chain optimisation’, says the author. He admits that these initiatives lowered inventory costs and improved service levels considerably, but at the same time they increased warehousing and transportation costs. The book introduces a new methodology that seeks optimisations in an integral manner, sometimes in radically different directions than other models.
The subtitle of the book is ‘The Next Generation in Transparency, Collaboration and Warehouse Management Systems’. This ‘next generation’ takes advantage of the detailed information recorded by modern information systems on logistics activities. ‘In practice little is done with these data’, claims the author. The book shows how the data can create transparency for streamlining warehouse processes, increase the intelligence of warehouse management systems and provide advanced analytics for enhancing collaboration in the supply chain. The ideas are illustrated by rules of thumb, figures, computational examples and cases studies that demonstrate their immediate potential in practice.

Publisher: Management Outlook Publishing, Utrecht,
ISBN: 1-4196-6876-5.
Price: € 32,95
Size: 250 pages
Available via or via online book sellers, e.g.
Publishing date: 13 September 2007

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