Tuesday 20th Oct 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Argos to open stores in Sainsbury’s supermarkets

Argos is to open ten digital stores in existing Sainsbury’s supermarkets enabling customers to buy from a range of 20,000 products instantly in store via tablets or reserve online for collection within hours.

The Argos digital stores in Sainsbury’s will range in size from around 1,000 to over 5,000 square feet. An extended range of some 40,000 items will be available for home delivery. The ten digital stores will open by this summer.

“Our new distribution model allows us to provide customers in any Argos location with a choice of around 20,000 lines within hours, regardless of the size or stocking capacity of the store,” said John Walden, chief executive of Home Retail Group.

“This strategic capability has opened up options for a variety of new Argos stores and formats, and the possibility that we can now cost-effectively reach more customers and neighbourhoods with an Argos presence. I look forward to the results of the 10 store programme with Sainsbury’s and to understanding the full potential of this exciting opportunity.”

Sainsbury’s chief Mike Coupe said the Argos stores would complement its supermarket offer. “They will bring something new and different to our customers, and fit well with our strategy of making our supermarkets more convenient. As well as looking at carefully selected partners, we continue to roll out our ranges of own brand clothing and general merchandise in our supermarkets to give customers even more choice and value.”

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