Wednesday 21st Oct 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Automotive sector needs to gear up for growth

Demand has been accelerating in the motor industry and companies need to balance growth, visibility, profitability, cycle times, demand and complexity in the supply chain.

Les Brookes, Oliver Wight CEO, said: “Gone are the days when automotive companies can keep significant buffer stock – the recession taught everyone the dangers of getting caught with that stock when things change. But without the extra supply to fall back on, it is crucial automotive suppliers improve their planning beyond the three-to-six-month execution window to see what’s coming down the pipeline.”

Oliver Wight has published a white paper ‘Speed agility and cost-efficiency; the future of the automotive supply chain’ which looks at how the automotive industry can build strong, resilient supply chains.

The white paper co-authored by Brookes and Andrew Walker, Oliver Wight Associate, argues that organisations equipped with Integrated Business Planning will benefit from collaborative demand management; improved management of working capital: and supply chain collaboration.


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