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Awards open for entries

Europe’s premier supply chain companies will come together en masse for Supply Chain Standard’s 19th European Supply Chain Excellence Awards in November, which are now open for entries.

The Awards are the gold standard of supply chain achievement and winners include some of Europe’s leading companies such as Sky Deutschland, British Gas, British and American Tobacco, and London Ambulance Service.

This year will see the new Innovation award, for projects that demonstrate innovation in the supply chain. The judges will be giving as much weight to the approach as to the result. That makes it a tremendous opportunity to show the judges new approaches that demonstrate original thinking.

The winners of the 2015 Awards will be announced at a glittering ceremony at the London Hilton on Park Lane on Monday 16th November.

The European Supply Chain Excellence Awards are organised by Supply Chain Standard in association with PwC.

In 2015, the overall winner was British Gas, while Richard Hunt, chairman of the London Ambulance Service picked up the Individual Contribution.

The 27th Regiment of The Royal Logistics Corp picked up Team of the Year for its work in Afghanistan.

What makes the European Supply Chain Excellence Awards special is the stringent process to analyse supply chain performance. Our judging team is made up of senior industry figures who bring years of experience to bear. Shortlisted companies are asked to make presentations to our judges and face detail questioning from panel members.

It’s a uniquely exhaustive process that makes the Awards uniquely worth winning.


Industry Sectors:

These Awards recognise excellence in organisation and management of a complete Supply Chain, celebrating the best within an entire industry sector and so are among our most revered trophies.

•  Automotive, Aerospace & Industrial
For manufacturers of cars and commercial vehicles, aircraft and industrial engineering/manufacturing.

•  Consumer Products – sponsored by DACHSER
For manufacturers and suppliers of consumer goods from food to fashion, tools to toiletries.

•  Energy, Utilities & Transportation
For those working within the supply chains of energy providers, utility organisations or transportation.

•  Extreme Logistics
For logisticians working in disaster response, aid provision or support for military operations.

•  Hi Tech, Communications & Electronics
For telecoms and manufacturers of electronics goods, such as mobile telephones, computers, televisions and hi-tech equipment.

•  Public & Third Sectors
For public sector and charitable not-for-profit organisations.

•  Retail & E-Tail 
For supply chains including major multiples, department stores and online retailers covering grocery, fashion, hardware, electronics and leisure goods.


Special Categories:

The Awards recognise excellence in the implementation of a specific project.

•  Customer Service & Support
For projects that can demonstrate an improvement in customer service and support through more effective management of the supply chain.

•  E-Fulfilment
For projects that demonstrate how an organisation is driving improvement by the adoption of electronic fulfilment practices.

•  Environmental Improvement
For projects that have reduced carbon footprints, used resources more efficiently and/or minimised waste to the benefit of the supply chain.

•  Logistics & Distribution
For projects that involve national and/or international transport by air, sea rail or road which demonstrate an improvement in the efficiency of operations.

•  Sourcing & Procurement
For projects that have improved the performance of the procurement function through innovation and/or more effective management of the process.

•  Supply Chain Operations 
For projects that evidence improvement in the supply chain operations of an organisation.

•  Supply Chain Strategy & Design
For projects that demonstrate benefits to the supply chain through strategic developments in an organisation’s operations design, management and practice.

•  Technology (e.g. use of data, smart devices, etc.)
For projects where the use of technology has had direct and quantifiable benefit to the supply chain.

•  Training & Professional Development – sponsored by Unipart Logistics
For projects that have resulted in improvements to the supply chain via strategic use of training and development programmes.

•  Warehouse Initiative
For projects that involve warehousing which demonstrate an improvement in the efficiency of operations.



Recognition Awards:

These Awards cannot be entered. Seen as the most prestigious group of Awards, these are the ones to aim for and are judged on the merits of entries in the Special and Industry Sector categories as well as via nominations where applicable.

• Innovation in Supply Chain
This year we are emphasising the importance of innovation in the supply chain with a new category devoted to cutting edge developments.

•  Best SME
To recognise an entry from a company that is extra special given the size of the organisation, restricted to organisations with up to 250 employees.

•  3PL of the Year
To recognise the benefits provided by a 3PL in improving a client’s supply chain. Restricted to 3PLs who have entered one of the Industry Sector categories with a client.  This would come from a combination of nominations from our customers as well as from the judges.

•  Rising Star
To recognise someone who is increasingly setting the supply chain world alight with their work but would otherwise not be recognised.

•  Team of the Year
To recognise a team who has worked together to the benefit of the supply chain.

•  Individual 
To recognise an individual working within supply chain who has personally been responsible for some of the most impressive achievements over the past 12 months.

•  Overall Winner – sponsored by PwC
To recognise one entrant as the outstanding practitioner within supply chain. This would come from the winners of the Industry Sector awards and would be decided by the final judging panel.

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