Friday 30th Oct 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

BITC puts sustainability at heart of supply chain

Business in the Community is calling on businesses to move ahead with building sustainable supply chains, with the launch of a new report “What is the size of the prize”.

The report, sponsored by Waitrose and Elior, highlights the need to put sustainability at the heart of supply chain strategy to meet the challenges of a growing global population and resource constraints.

It includes a series of case studies from leading companies including Unilever, Nestle, B&Q, Waitrose, and Asda.

Sustainability in the supply chain requires senior leadership, company-wide sponsors and internal stakeholders to champion and integrate criteria into decisions through the procurement lifecycle.

It identifies five main drivers for creating sustainable supply chains:

* New business and innovation

* Leverage and manage reputation

* Embed sustainability values

* Generate cost savings

* Collaborate

It says that companies that are achieving sustainability in their supply chains are moving towards positive engagement with strategic suppliers including:

* Uncovering root causes of supplier issues and challenges

* Working together through joint problem solving

* Achieving mutual respect

* Building long term relationships

* Treating suppliers as innovation partners

The BITC wants the report to contibute to a rethinking of supply chains, helping to move them away from a response to socio-economic and environmental risks, to being a central element of resilience and innovation to create added value for businesses.

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