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Demand Management: what’s the plan?

The starting point in any successful supply chain strategy has to be understanding the demand it will have to meet. And the first stop has to be getting sales and marketing to see the benefit to them of demand planning. Malory Davies reports.

Big data: the big challenge

Big data analysis holds out the promise of big improvements in supply chain performance. But, asks Malory Davies, is your organisation ready to take on the challenge?

Challenge of change for SC strategies

Nothing stays the same. And that is certainly true for supply chain strategies. Omni-channel retailing, 3D printing, city logistics and the changing dynamics of efficient fulfilment are all set to have a dramatic impact on the way supply chains operate – turning the current model on its head. By Nick Allen.

Time to win hearts and minds

An effective S&OP process can have huge benefits for a business. But putting the process in place means involving senior management right across the business and facing up to some harsh realities. Malory Davies reports…

Awards Overall Winner: British Gas

Winning a category at the European Supply Chain Excellence Awards is quite an achievement in itself. But what does it take to win the Overall Award? In effect, what we are asking here is: what are the characteristics of a world-leading supply chain?

Logistics in the news

Publishers are facing big changes in their markets which are impacting on the logistics of the whole sector. Malory Davies reports.

Creative chains

A failure in the supply chain can stop a production line or leave store shelves empty, disappoint customers and ruin a company’s reputation. But there is plenty of creative thinking about how to respond to the challenges, says Malory Davies.

A social dimension

Having a highly responsive and cost effective supply chain depends on good planning. But creating such plans requires a sound strategy and access to accurate, timely data. Could it be that social media has a role to play? By Nick Allen

Integrate to collaborate

Efficient supply chain execution depends on having well integrated systems. But how do you take the complexity out of integration? By Nick Allen 

Scream if you want to go faster

Delivery is a challenge for retailers. There are lots of customers that will only buy if delivery is free. And then there are those that will pay extra to get their goods faster. But how much and how fast? Malory Davies investigates. Much of the demand for online shopping has been price-based. With no store […]

Afreight of change

Development of the Strategic Rail Freight Interchange at Radlett has got government approval, but opponents of the scheme have not given up. Daniel Heineman investigates. 

Procurement on the limit

Top procurement organisations generate significantly higher savings than the average, but are they reaching the limits of what savings can be made?

Omni-challenge for retail supply chains

Retail is going omni-channel and meeting the supply chain needs of this new environment is a major challenge. The issues will be put under the microscope at the Omni-Channel Conference in September. What will an Omni-Channel future look like and what do organisations need to do to adjust to it? That is the question that […]

Omni-challenge for retail supply chains

Retail is going omni-channel and meeting the supply chain needs of this new environment is a major challenge. The issues will be put under the microscope at the Omni-Channel Conference in September

Relationship puzzles

Creating agile and responsive supply chains that deliver value to the end customer with the least amount of waste requires close working relationships with key suppliers – but which ones? By Nick Allen

Big money, small change

Although economic conditions may be improving, little has changed in terms of most companies’ keen attention to cash flow and supply chain finance – it’s as critical as ever. By Nick Allen

Time to talk to sales

Demand management is increasingly seen as a critical issue for supply chain executives. But, the process starts with sales and marketing and it demands effective collaboration.

How not to fail

If collaboration is easy, why are there so many failures? So what works, and what doesn’t? Malory Davies asks the questions. 

Test yourself against the best

It’s time to test yourself against the best supply chains in Europe. The European Supply Chain Excellence Awards 2014 are now open for entries

Go large

The concept of big data is becoming increasingly important in the supply chain as organisations seek to make use of the massive amounts of data coming their way from customers. How will ERP systems cope, asks Malory Davies

Planning for the unknown

Successful business decisions rely on good planning and accurate information. The problem is the more distant the planning horizon the more ‘unknowns’ enter the equation. But are there ways of mitigating the risks associated with those unknowns? Nick Alle

Johanna is Journalist of the Year

Johanna Parsons, Logistics Manager’s senior reporter, has won the Journalist of the Year Award in the 2013 Seahorse Club Awards

Fantastic, Amazing, Fabulous

...just some of the comments from the winners in the European Supply Chain Excellence Awards. More than 60 of Europe’s leading retailers and manufacturers fought their way to the finals, and the winners have been revealed

Awards 2013: Overall winner

To take the Overall Winner trophy at the European Supply Chain Excellence Awards requires an organisation to demonstrate all the characteristics and attributes of a world-leading supply chain

Awards 2013: Rising Star

This special award recognises someone who is increasingly setting the supply chain world alight with their work but might otherwise not be recognised in a setting like this

Awards 2013: Individual Contribution

This year’s outstanding individual took a roundabout route to the supply chain. Having turned his back on the art of the shop floor, he bent his mind to what he sees as the science of supply chain

Awards 2013: E-Fulfilment

E-fulfilment is now a critical function for a growing proportion of businesses. Picking and dispatching single items rather than pallet loads creates its own set of challenges, but as the judges know, e-fulfilment requires innovative thinking to drive eff

Awards 2013: Retail and e-tail

Retail is always one of the toughest categories to judge. Examples of excellence abound, as one might expect from a sector where supply chain is critical to commercial success

Awards 2013: Hi Tech, Communications & Electronics

As any long-term observer of the Awards will know, Hi Tech, Communications & Electronics is one of the most fiercely contested categories of the competition and frequently offers up the Overall winner

Awards 2013: Customer Service & Support

Customer Service is a central element of an excellent supply chain, and the judges are always keen to find examples that stand out from the crowd

Awards 2013: SME of the Year

This was a tough category for the judges with three excellent entries on the shortlist. In the end it came down to a straight fight between Cook Trading and Hotel Chocolat

Awards 2013: Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

This year those in Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals were given their own category. In previous years, healthcare has more often been grouped under Public Services

Awards 2013: Consumer Products

Last year the Consumer Products category produced the Overall winner with Danone Baby Nutrition. This year that honour passed to another sector

Awards 2013: Technology Award

Tesco’s entry was for an automated system that automatically adjusts the sales forecasts for thousands of products in its UK and Irish stores three times a day seven days a week based on the latest weather information

Awards 2013: Supply Chain Strategy & Design

From the five shortlisted entries for the Supply Chain Strategy & Design category, two scores clearly stood out above the rest and both were pretty much on level pegging. Those two were AstraZeneca with Yusen Logistics, and Tesco

Awards 2013: Environmental Improvement

In recent years the Environmental Improvement category has become a particularly sought after Award. This year there were three very close contenders for the trophy with just a point or two between them – Jaguar Land Rover, IBM ISC and Diageo

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