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Awards 2013: Team of the Year

The Team of the Year award is designed to recognise importance of teamwork in supply chain success. And this year we had some great examples – but really there could only be one winner

Awards 2013: Supply Chain Operations

The Supply Chain Operations category is aimed at finding excellence within the core processes within the supply chain, so the relatively high scores exhibited by the majority of the shortlisted companies were not entirely unexpected

Awards 2013: Energy, Utilities & Transport

The Energy, Utilities & Transport category produced strong results and all three shortlisted companies were close in the scoring, which made it tough on the judges

Awards 2013: 3PL of the Year

The shortlist for the first Award for Third Party Logistics Provider of the Year reflects the ability of 3PLs to integrate seamlessly into their customers operations

Awards 2013: Automotive, Aerospace & Defence

In previous years German companies have tended to predominate in this category. This year was different. The two front running entries were Kwik Fit with CEVA Logistics and Jaguar Land Rover with Unipart Logistics

The quest for agile execution

Efficient supply chain execution is dependent upon systems that are highly connected, responsive and, perhaps above all else, capable of delivering agility. As near-shoring gathers pace and supply chains become shorter, the emphasis will be on agility. By

How to spot a fake

Any discussion of supply chain risk tends to focus on such things as natural disasters and supplier failures

The supply chain monitors

As pressure mounts on major corporations to be seen to be operating in a sustainable way, it has opened up a world of opportunities to a new breed of organisation dedicated to helping them get their supply chains in order

Turning on the cash flow

Getting paid is still tough, but buyers are becoming far more aware of the plight of suppliers and are using new financial tools to help cash flow through the chain more easily. By Nick Allen

Why supply chain is moving up

Supply chain has traditionally been the backbone of business, but new factors are shifting the boardroom focus, making it the hero of the tale, says Johanna Parsons

Close to you

Strategies for managing global supply chains are changing fast. Unit price is no longer the overriding concern; proximity to the customer is becoming a critical issue. By Nick Allen

Too old to work

Supply chains have changed, but has our IT? Lack of investment in supply chain systems may be putting future growth at risk for Western companies

Is agile always best?

Creating an agile supply chain has become the Holy Grail for businesses seeking to offset a broadening spectrum of risk. But is agility always the best option?

Retail’s seismic shift

Retail organisations are facing a seismic shift in the markets they serve – from multiple channels to international expansion. But are the systems in place to fulfil orders and manage returns across this altered and highly complex landscape?

Unlocking value

With greater supply chain risks and increased complexity, do we have the right structures and people in place to realise the potential of intelligent procurement?

Time to ride the cash wave

Rising commodity prices, market volatility and concerns over the stability of the Euro are weighing heavily on corporate supply chains. Cash-flow is still a core concern for many suppliers – and when suppliers face difficulties, buyers need to tread caref

Secrets of success

Industry leaders will be sharing the secrets of their success when the Extended Supply Chain conference returns to London next month. We look at what’s in store

Across boundaries

A rich source of savings lies in the largely unexploited practice of horizontal collaboration – going beyond the enterprise. By Nick Allen

Are you in sync?

Trying to manage the synchronisation between the detailed planning process and the aggregate planning process is no easy matter. Nick Allen looks at what it takes to get it right

Supply chain is key to boosting trade

Supply chain was a key theme for the World Economic Forum, which met in Davos last month. In its report, Enabling Trade: Valuing Growth Opportunities, it argues that reducing supply chain barriers is more effective in stimulating trade that reducing impor

Resilience rules

Supply chain risk was at the forefront of delegates minds at Davos with the publication of a new report looking at boosting resilience globally

ERP: the tangled web

Enterprise Resource Planning systems have served linear supply chains well over the years. But, with the emergence of complex supply chain networks, requirements have changed...

Exploring the dark side of collaboration

Future progress on collaboration relies on honing the creativity of supply chain professionals to realise the potential that exists outside traditional activities; to venture into the dark side – co-opetition

S&OP: Managing volatility

A new era of sales & operations planning has arrived as companies learn to deal with an increasingly volatile business environment

What do the judges look for?

They are unique in the depth of analysis involved in the judging process, which in turn makes them uniquely worth winning. Find our more about about what the judges are looking for here...

Awards 2011: Top supply chain revealed

Comedian Alun Cochrane presided over a dramatic evening at the Park Lane Hilton in London as 70 of Europe’s leading companies battled it out for the prestigious European Supply Chain Excellence Awards. Lucy Tesseras, Johanna Parsons and Nick Allen report

Awards 2011: Sourcing & Procurement

The top entries for this year’s Sourcing & Procurement Award were: Travis Perkins, Unilever Supply Chain Company, Vodafone, and Babcock International Group - Marine and Technology Division

Awards 2011: Logistics Strategy

There was a strong shortlist for this Award, but the Award went to Coca-Cola Enterprises which has centralised its multi-drop planning and...

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