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Keeping a watchful eye on your suppliers

Big brand manufacturers have been struggling over recent years to monitor working conditions and practices in distant supplier factories. A media report uncovering the use of child labour can have a major damaging impact on a brand’s market position. But

Counting carbon calories

Grocery retailers are battling it out to secure a slice of the ‘green market’. As a growing proportion of sales is attributable to environmentally conscious consumers, leading retailers are busy nailing their green credentials to the flag pole.

Winner: British American Tobacco

There was strong competition this year in the Award for Fast Moving Consumer Goods/Consumer Packaged Goods between Seiko Optical, Electrolux, Kimberley Clark, and British American Tobacco.

Winner: Borealis

Just two entries made it into the finals in the Engineering & General Manufacturing category this year – whether this reflects the general drift of manufacturing away from Europe, or the more specific concentration of European manufacturing in the separat

Winner: Vodafone

The outstanding entries in the Sourcing & Procurement category this year were those from Vodafone Global Supply Chain Management. (The judges chose to take the two submissions as a single entry).

Winner: Transport for London

As Gordon Colborn of PRTM has noted in his commentary, directly relevant entries that were of Finalist quality were sparse in this, the first year of our Environmental Improvement Award.

Winner: Infineon

This category might be regarded as almost the entry level for the Awards – after all, if you can’t ship the right goods to the right place at the right time, it would be hard to make any claim to excellence.

Winner: Deutsche Woolworth

Almost be definition all our finalists believed they had been innovative, but that can range from discovering and applying an entirely novel approach to a supply chain issue, to being the first in a particular business or industry sector to adopt and adap

Winner: Kimberley Clark

All supply chian work is necessarily team work. The judges were looking for teamworking and effective collaboration both within the organisation and externally with partners, suppliers and customers and many of our finalists demonstrated these qualities.

Winner: Lawrence Christensen

A real innovation in the Awards this year is the Outstanding Contribution Award. Uniquely, this doesn’t involve complex metrics, exhaustive questionnaires, or teams of consultants with clipboards.

The European supply chain excellence awards 2006

Now in their tenth year, the European Supply Chain Excellence Awards said farewell to previous lead sponsors Cap Gemini after three successful years, and welcome in their place PRTM. For those who don’t know, PRTM is one of the world’s leading operational

Finalists announced

The finalists have now been selected for the 10th anniversary year of The European Supply Chain Excellence Awards.

Great observations and expectations

There is a lot of great work being done in supply chains across Europe, but even the ‘best in class’ honoured here acknowledge that there is still huge room for improvement. By Gordon Colborn

Winner: International Federation of the Red Cross

All of the industry sector winners were of course reviewed for the most prestigious Award of all, that of Overall Winner – by definition, they all display excellence in at least parts of their supply chain operations. The final choice came down to Cisco,

Supporting the Awards

In the fourth consecutive year that Kuehne + Nagel has been involved in this prestigious event, our newly formed division, KN Drinks Logistics, is delighted to be sponsoring the FMCG category.

Winner: Thales Telecommunications Services

This sector threw up some very curious combinations and parallels, and as Gordon Colborn notes in his general appraisal, the service element of logistics is becoming increasingly important, even for companies who think their main business lies in manufact

Winner: J Sainsbury

As always there was a crowded field in the Retail and Distribution category, with finalists including Rexel Senate, Deutsche Woolworth, Mexx, Asda, and Sainsburys. Rexel Senate has 95 UK branches wholesaling and distributing domestic and industrial elect

Winner: Cisco Systems International

Traditionally, this is one of the most highly competitive Awards sectors, and this year was no different. For the combination of volumes and complexity, this sector has few rivals, and it has always set the pace for rigorous, data-based supply chain manag

Join in the excitement

This year’s Awards Night on the 1st November is set to be the most well attended event in the 10 year history of the European Supply Chain Excellence Awards.

Outstanding examples of SC performance

In my role on the judging panel for this year’s awards I have had the fortunate opportunity to visit a number of the finalists across Europe over the last month.

Developing management skills for supply

What competencies and skills are most useful for 'enlightened' management of the supply chain? Our round table looked for best practice in developing the right skill set. By Chris Lewis

Winner: Rexam Beverage Can Europe & Asia

Chris Webster described the selection of this year’s Overall Winner as ‘the toughest I’ve seen during Capgemini’s years of involvement in the Awards’, a sentiment echoed by the other judges.

Winner: NHS Logistics Authority

As usual, a very disparate set of entries in this category makes comparisons invidious. The International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC) entered specifically to gain recognition for the efforts of their team co-ordinating the initial

Winner: Entertainment UK

As Chris Webster notes in his analysis, retail & distribution is often a problematic sector Award.

Winner: Computacenter AG

Computacenter is a familiar name in the ESCE Awards, their UK operation having reached the finals in previous years. This time, however, it was the company’s German Logistics and Service Centre at Kerpen that was under the microscope.

Winner: Rexam Beverage Can Europe

There were three finalists in this category, but the judges also chose to consider the sole finalist in the otherwise week Process Industries category here.

Winner: Magyar Telekom

As Chris Webster of Capgemini notes in his analysis, the ‘buy’ side of submissions by this year’s finalists was perhaps rather weaker than in previous years, and the judges only gave serious consideration to two entries for this Award, namely Computacente

Evaluating the ‘state of play’

Each year the Awards offer a great insight into the ‘state of play’ for supply chain management in Europe. Here are some of the key findings. By Chris Webster

Back to the issue of skills shortages

If there's one subject I encounter wherever I go in Europe, it's the question of the shortage of relevant skills in the logistics industry. Of course, this shortage varies in form from country to country but the underlying problem does not bode well for E

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