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A job well done

It’s a classic business mantra: The customer is king. But are enough businesses, expecially B2B, taking it seriously enough? Damian Pike, vice president, innovation at DHL Supply Chain on why customer satisfaction should be a key target

Supply chain risks: act now

Brian J O’Connor is an international consultant working in extended supply chains in America and China.

Time to optimise the whole

A small investment now can bring a significant return on investment in less than a year, says Les Brookes

Green myths v real benefits

What constitutes sustainability will always be a contentious issue, but when we think about supply chains, it must be simple - "sustainable" must mean "resilient " while remaining to be about giving the downstream customer what they want.

What makes a winning chain?

Successful companies have a certain set of characteristics which are responsible for their winning supply chains. There is a common pattern among the top performing companies regardless of the industry in which they operate their core business. Our belief

Time for a new approach

The third party logistics industry is in a difficult place. Despite efforts to differentiate themselves with customers, they are still seen as commodity suppliers by many customers and margins are thin, typically around one per cent for a haulier. While t

Matching makes invoice heaven

Why intelligent matching is key to gaining control of payment cycles - and saving cash throughout capturing early settlement discounts.

The China syndrome

It might be an uphill struggle, but there are opportunities; you have to be prepared, smart - and agile

Skills at a premium

Do European companies have the supply chain capabilities to meet global challenges?

Fuelling change

The $100-plus barrel of oil has driven fuel costs for freight into sharp focus. Diminishing supplies and the voracious appetite for carbon fuels from China and India suggest that even a global slowdown will not restore oil prices to their previous levels.

Efficiency is on the cards

The drive for efficiency in physical supply chains has benefited firms prepared to adopt new models and technology. Meanwhile, the financial supply chain has ground to make up if it is to avoid becoming a significant bottleneck.

Indian ambition

India has been described as a rich country where poor people live, but the past few years have seen incredible growth in the Indian economy with huge organisations such as Reliance, Tata and Mittal making their presence felt on a global scale.

How IT can make ”lean” work

Let''s come clean - lean manufacturing isn''t living up to everyone''s expectations. While some well-known companies such as Toyota have attributed success to their lean manufacturing approach

Watch your Guanxi

How to mitigate the risk of problems of cultural difference when sourcing from China.

The information effect

The electronic transfer and effective use of information across the supply chain can allow companies towork better and smarter.

Wrong again

Why companies get their demand planning 80 per cent wrong, 80 per cent of the time.

What’s in store?

Flow-through is one of several techniques that have been spoken about for some time that are likely to be adopted in 2008. Allen Scott

Recorded delivery

The lost CDs fiasco would have been less damaging if the public sector had learnt some lessons from firms exploring the possibilities of RFID.

Measuring up risk

As the world becomes a more unstable place it’s time to consider risk mitigation measures.

Keep it simple

One of the recurrent themes in any supply chain operation is the desire to increase profitability by driving down costs and yet retaining service levels.

The mechanics of SC finance

Supplier finance - the practice of providing low-cost finance to suppliers as part of a flexible settlement system - is becoming a central element of an integrated financial supply chain strategy.

Don’t let your business suffer

Product data quality has been an issue in the supply chain for so long that many businesses simply shrug their shoulders and manage problems where they occur. This lacklustre approach to product data quality will not be good enough soon. In a world charac

At your service – not

Historically, organisations have regarded the aftermarket as a support function. The services offered have tended to be reactive rather than focussed on innovation to enhance long-term client relationships and hence, the bottom line.

Reinventing inventory

In the age of e-commerce, manufacturers have to ramp up the performance of their inventory management systems if they wish to compete.

Drive to perfection

For suppliers to the automotive sector, delivery performance must be perfect and there is now a technique whereby they can achieve this.

A lean supply chain for fats

How McDonald''s is working with its suppliers to reduce fatty acids in the food served in its European stores.

Admin needn’t sink sea freight

The growth of shortsea shipping as an alternative to road freight transport is being constrained by the burden of administration - but maybe not for much longer.

Online, off track

Internet shopping is great for dot com firms' profits but it can be exasperating for the poor folk who are trying to buy.

Make a plan to succeed

By integrating sales and marketing data into the demand planning process, companies can begin to manipulate demand to achieve internal targets. Andrew Kinder

New Customs

The Authorised Economic Operator regime will affect nearly every business that undertakes international trade and accreditation could bring significant benefits.

Getting to grips with risk

Results from a survey conducted during the recent Extended Supply Chain event suggest an evolution in percieved risk.

Planning just got easier

Advanced planning solutions are now available to help medium-sized companies in supply chain-intensive industries overcome obstacles in terms of software adoption, deployment, and return on investment.

The multi-X factor

Supply chains are becoming ever more complex, so ITsuppliers must adapt to a multi-tasking role.

Surprise, shock, inspire

Counting the true costs of warehouse management tools could be an eye opener for businesses, and it’s not so hard to do.

Life after merger

Following mergers, expected supply chain benefits are sometimes elusive, so rather than overhaul both chains, a better approach may be to synchronise them.

Goals and achievements

After the fall of the Taliban in Afghanistan, logistician Ernest Khalilov was there to lend his skills as part of aid agency Goal UK, and he is still delivering life saving equipment to some of the poorest people on earth. Here is his story. Ernest Khalil

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