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UKWA: 60 pc back Europe

Some 60 per cent of the 100 members, parliamentarians and guests at a recent annual UKWA parliamentary lunch said they wanted to remain in the European Union – based on a show of hands. The remainder were either against or undecided.

Kiwi dairy co-op recruits Damco for Euro expansion

New Zealand dairy cooperative Fonterra has selected Damco to operate the control tower for European export logistics, with responsibility as a placement agent for bookings with Fonterra’s direct carrier contracts.

Today is the first European Supply Chain Day

Today is the first ever European Supply Chain Day – an initiative by the European Logistics Association. Activities such as school visits, tours of warehouses, opening up back offices to visitors, talks and site visits are taking place throughout Europe

ELA introduces official Supply Chain Day

The European Logistics Association will host the first ever European Supply Chain Day on 10 April 2014, where activities such as school visits, tours of warehouses, talks, and site visits, take place across the continent

Kellogg’s takes to the canal

Kellogg’s is hoping to increase the efficiency of its supply chain by taking hundreds of trucks off UK roads and using Peel Ports’ Manchester Ship Canal container shuttle service

Solvay and Metro join ELUPEG

Alain Baeyens, lead buyer of logistics services from Solvay, and David Antunes, regional officer supply chain & operations management from Metro Central East Europe, have joined the Steering Board and Advisory Committee of ELUPEG

Learning about complexity

The more dynamic the business environment becomes with fast changes in demand, globalisation, outsourcing, e-commerce and higher environmental standards, the more important it becomes to understand how complex systems work.

High level talks

A report on high altitude logistics thinking from the annual ELA DoctorateWorkshop.

It’s All for the best

The bestLog project, initiated by the European Commission, is making great progress on its way to establishing its core objective - an exchange platform for the improvement of sustainable supply chain management practice across Europe.

Traceability in healthcare

Implementing GS1 standards in hospitals not only prevents logistics from being the missing link in product traceability, it also contributes to the security of care services and allows health practitioners to focus on their core business: providing care.

Raising the standard

ELA competence standards promote excellent company performance and boost professional development.

Add supply chain sparkle

Tom McGuffog, chairman of UK Partners for Electronic Business, argues in his publication ‘Diamond: A General Theory of Value Chain Management Data’ that too many organisations fail to achieve their objectives of providing a cost effective service to their

Winning the Supply Battle

The swift advance of the US army on Baghdad was, among other things, enabled by the use of advanced RFID in the supply lines. BY Prof DR Walther Ploos Van Amstel, Daniel Uiterwijk And Flip Wubben

Improving Forecasting

AILOG and the Cattaneo LIUC University of Castellanza in Italy surveyed 35 leading companies in the beverage, pharmaceutical and home & personal care sectors, in order to gain a greater understanding of the interplay between Sales Forecasting and Demand

Use Your Initiative

Leading consumer packaged goods companies are collaborating through the Global Upstream Initiative to design a process model and supporting XML message standards which will greatly aid supply chain integration.

Innovative Thinking

The ELA has a packed agenda for 2007. More than ever, there is a need for education, the sharing of best practice, networking and innovative thinking.

Borealis wins Belgian logistics project award

On October 4th the Belgian logistics associations VIB and ABCAL held their annual gala event to announce the winner of the Supply Chain Award - Project of the Year 2006.

People, networks, and technologies focus for BVL Congress

The International German Logistics Congress will take place in Berlin from 18- 20 October this year. In 2005, the German Logistics Association (BVL) welcomed over 3,000 delegates from more than 25 countries as well as around 220 representatives from the p

Doctorate Workshop reaches new heights

The 11th Annual ELA Doctorate Workshop was held from 28-30 June in the heart of the Bavarian Alps near the Zugspitze,Germany’s highest mountain.

Dachs elected president

At the ELA’s recent annual general assembly, member organisations elected former vice president Roland Dachs as president.

Learning to communicate

In a rapidly changing world, professional bodies face considerable challenges. The need to remain relevant to the needs of individuals and companies - how to address developments in logistics practice, how to keep abreast of technical change, and, not lea

An emphasis on language

It falls the way of most logisticians that their working lives are filled with meetings of every kind. I am no exception and, even as I write, have just returned home after a round of meetings addressing both European policy issues and the running of the

VIB celebrates its 25th anniversary

This year, VIB has been active for 25 years as the Association for Purchasing and Logistics in Flanders, Belgium. On the 3rd February member companies and some special guests (totalling 300) were invited to celebrate this anniversary at the Belgacom Surfh

Time to cut the red tape

In recent weeks I have been able to meet a broad cross-section of European logistics professionals during the autumn round of conferences in Central and Western Europe.

European commentary

At the end of August, we once again saw the power of natural events to disrupt the stability of the modern society we all take for granted. This time, even as we extended our sympathy to those involved in Hurricane Katrina, there was a chilling recognitio

Logistics glossary updated

The revised version of the ELA's 'Terminology of Logistics' is now available. In order to work effectively along physical and information chains, logistics professionals use a number of terms that, while in frequent use, are rarely defined.

Doctorate Workshop 2005

This summer, the ELA Research and Development Committee brought together 20 PhD students from 11 European countries for a workshop at a beautiful venue in Monchy-St-Eloi, near Paris. Hosted by AFT-IFTM and sponsored by DHL Switzerland, the ninth ELA doc

European commentary

The European Logistics Association held its General Assembly Annual Meeting in Birmingham UK in early June. It is reported in full elsewhere, but it was not lost on me that it coincided with the emerging European crises over the Constitution and subsequ

Assembly Elections 2005

The European Logistics Association has an elected board with the task of running the Association at the operational level. Members are elected on a rolling basis to ensure continuity. Successful candidates this year are:

The implications of terrorist attacks for global commerce

n light of the terrorist attacks of recent months, it’s hard to ignore the implications for global commerce and supply chain security. London’s ‘7/7’ and subsequent attacks reinforce the message from New York, Bali, and Madrid that more intrusive security

Striking the balance

I have been engaged recently in a number of debates about the future, and in particular the balance between commercial issues - how to remain profitable and successful in a challenging market whilst meeting customer expectations - and the costs of social

Winning ways

Why Cecchetto won the 2004 European Award for Logistics Excellence.

Time to reflect

I never cease to be surprised by the rapid passage of time. As we gather our thoughts for the ELA general assembly meeting in Birmingham next month, it is salutary to reflect that at that point my first year as the Association’s president will have been c

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