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Shippers call for reform of Asian shipping trades

The Global Shippers’ Forum has called on Asian governments to introduce the appropriate competition laws to prohibit liner conferences and discussion agreements that eliminate effective competition in Asian trades

World trade growth continues

Worldwide trade grew 8.5 per cent in the last quarter of 2009, according to Capgemini’s Global Trade Flow Index

China syndrome

The Dalai Lama dropped by at the White House for tea the other day - innocuous enough you might think, but it was enough to enrage the Chinese Government.

More needs to be done to improve global trade logistics

The capacity for countries to move goods and connect manufacturers and consumers with international markets is improving around the world, according to a new World Bank Group survey on trade logistics, but much more progress is needed to encourage

Simplifying global trade and logistics

A move away from paper-based processes to electronic processing has always been an essential strategy to improve efficiencies in customs clearance. WOLFGANG SCHWAB identifies some of the challenges that exist in implementing an electronic customs strateg

Uncertainty principle

If supply chain practice ever needs a fashionable rebranding, we could do worse than style ourselves ''risk managers'', for in these economically and politically febrile times, managing and mitigating risk is an increasing part of what we do

Less Hot Air

As environmental issues move up the corporate agenda, logistics companies are turning to technology to help them and their customers reduce the amount of carbon dioxide they emit.

Building BRICs

Brazil, Russia, India and China will need logistics expertise if they are to develop their economic potential. By Peter Bartram

Logistics developement – Japan Vs China

During the last logistics conference of the Czech Logistics Association (CLA) Motoki Inatsuka, vice president of the Japanese Institute of Logistics Systems gave a presentation on logistics developments in Japan versus China. Could we translate that to co

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