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UPS expands Russian collect on delivery service

UPS has expanded its collect on delivery service (COD) so that it now covers some 400 cities in Russia. Under the COD system consumers pay the UPS driver directly for their goods.

Time to buy an online retailer?

The word “relentless” might have been invented to describe the pace of change in online retail – and it clear that many retailers still have some way to go in integrating their online and physical stores to maximise potential sales. The latest move has come from Walmart with a deal to buy US online retailer […]

Time to test yourself against the best

It’s time to test yourself against the best supply chains in The  Supply Chain Excellence Awards 2016, organised by Logistics & Supply Chain.

Tesco moves back into profit

Tesco moved back into profit last year with an operating profit of £1 billion for the 52 weeks to 27 February. That compares to a loss of £5.8bn the year before when it wrote off some £6.7 billion of exceptional items.

Get ready for a digital future

Physicist Stephen Hawking has predicted a future with “machines whose intelligence exceeds ours by more than ours exceeds that of snails”. so, how could technology available today transform fulfilment? By Penelope Ody

B&Q logistics partners form team at The Fresh Connection

The logistics partners of B&Q have formed the first ever cross-company team to enter supply chain training contest ‘The Fresh Connection’. XPO Logistics, Wincanton and BRS have formed a team to help develop B&Q’s ‘One Logistics Team operational ethos’.

Kingfisher targets MH spend in review

Kingfisher, which owns B&Q and Screwfix, says it is making good progress with plans to boost operational efficiency generating £100m annual profit uplift.

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