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Vanderlande joins SAP’s PartnerEdge programme

Automation specialist Vanderlande has joined SAP’s PartnerEdge programme, and has optimised the interface between the SAP environment and Vanderlande’s VISION warehouse management and control system

Two faces of retail

Retailers are facing challenges and opportunities, both in the way they serve their customers and how they interface with suppliers. Nick Allen asks, what are the winning scenarios?

Wesupply launches OneTime for intelligent EDI

Wesupply has launched OneTime, a range of intelligent EDI solutions. OneTime uses technology that opens and understands the content of each transaction carried through the network

Snapfulfil launches in America

Synergy Logistics has launched the Snapfulfil Software-as-a-Service warehouse management software into the North American market.

Double launch from Oracle

Oracle has upped its offering with the launch of two new systems – Transport Management (TM) 6.1 and Global Trade Management (GTM).

Enterprising Technology

With globalisation we have gone beyond basic ERP. Now agility and the ability tomake changes is amore important feature.

ERP project delays cost manufacturers $1m a month

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) project delays caused by lack of business-to-business planning and integration could cost manufacturers more than $1 million (£600,000) a month, according to GXS.

Lamberts chooses Magnius ERP system

Lamberts Healthcare has selected Magnius to supply and implement an ERP system to help it achieve greater business efficiencies, increase sales and boost profitability.

The rising cost of ERP support

The November annual conference of the SAP UK and Ireland User Group promises to throw light on an increasingly contentious aspect of logistics IT: the cost of running enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

Trading places

It seems, at last, the humble shipping container has got its 15 minutes of fame – well, a whole year of it in fact.

Alan Cross joins Kewill

Kewill has appointed Alan Cross as vice president of professional services – Europe, further expanding its Global Trade Management team in the region.

A clearer view

In a world where trade is global, ''global trade management'' (GTM) sounds a fairly obvious name for what supply chain managers spend most of their time doing. In the world of European IT, however, the GTM label is a comparatively recent phenomenon

Deal facilitates optimised freight costs

Management Dynamics Inc, a provider of global trade management solutions, has announced a strategic alliance with CombineNet that will provide importers and exporters with a comprehensive spend management system to effectively reduce the escalating cost

Smoothing the global sourcing flow

Sourcing goods from China and the Far East may offer the potential for huge savings, however, there are risks to consider.

WMS software landscape is bright

The warehouse management system (WMS) market grew by close to five per cent in 2002, a performance that stands out among the enterprise software applications. The recent past has not been so good.

Tiers of joy for ERP users

International firms should consider adopting a two-tiered approach to ERP if they are going to see real cost benefits and better systems.

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