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From Shenzen with love

A problem with James Bond’s car is guaranteed to get the attention of the popular press. Maybe the indicators no longer drop down in time when machine guns fire. Or could it be a problem with the ejector seat?

Planning for the unknown

Successful business decisions rely on good planning and accurate information. The problem is the more distant the planning horizon the more ‘unknowns’ enter the equation. But are there ways of mitigating the risks associated with those unknowns? Nick Alle

Trains, planes and chains

Hornby is a well-loved brand, and watching the company struggle with supply chain problems in China has been a painful experience for all of us whose childhood toys included its model trains, aeroplanes, and Scalextric sets

Trains, planes and chains

Hornby is a well-loved brand, and watching the company struggle with supply chain problems in China has been a painful experience for all of us whose childhood toys included its model trains, aeroplanes, and Scalextric sets

Hornby on track with supply chain deal

Toymaker Hornby is on track to solving its supply chain problems following a deal to exit trading with a long-standing major supply of model railway product

DHL tackles disruption with Resilience360

DHL has launched a new risk management solution, DHL Resilience360, which it reckons can enable businesses to deal with global, environmental, and socio-political volatility, by providing them with an end-to-end view of their supply chains and real-time r

Time to take the broad view

Companies must take a wider view of supply chain sustainability, according to the latest report produced by Accenture for the Carbon Disclosure Project

Stormy Monday

Honda’s UK car manufacturing plant at Swindon has been a tremendous success since it was first established in 1986. Some 3,000 people now work at the plant producing almost 5,000 Civic, CRV and Jazz models every week. But not last week

Food supply chains are still an unknown quantity

Four out of five large UK food manufacturers say that last year’s horsemeat scandal has made no difference to the way they manage information about their suppliers, according to a survey commissioned by Achilles, the supply chain risk management company

CIPS teams up with Peter Jones academy

The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply has teamed up with The Peter Jones Enterprise Academy, to launch the CIPS Negotiation Challenge 2014, for a third year

What’s in a name?

First there was multi-channel. Then there was omni-channel. And now there is cross-channel. You know that a market is in a process of change when terms are being coined so rapidly

Food chain open to criminal abuse, warns report

The food supply chain is vulnerable to criminal abuse, according to today's interim report of the Elliott Review into the integrity and assurance of food supply networks

Millions of visits don’t guarantee sales

Seven million online site visits will fail to result in a sale in the build-up to Christmas, according to the latest research by e-commerce system provider, Formisimo

Finance – the new battleground in supply chain

What is the fastest growing phenomenon in supply chain? We all know about the impact of online shopping on strategies, but even so, I think there is a good case to be made for supply chain finance

Supply chains must survive the butterfly effect

The retail and consumer goods industry must re-evaluate its approach to its supply chains and logistics to survive the “butterfly effect” of disruptive consumers, according to a DHL-backed study

Anti-slavery web site targets supply chain

Supply chain practices have coming under greater and greater scrutiny – notably with the passing of California’s supply chain slavery law (know as SB-657)

Supply chains still avoiding risk management

European supply chains have the highest level of factory fire risk, according to a new report, which supply chain consultancy, Crimson & Co says is “worrying but unsurprising.”

Buyer beware

Have cost-driven purchasing strategies passed their sell by date? Nick Allen looks at the qualities required for a more sophisticated approach to buying

Changing chains in volatile times

Rapid change in the global trade business environment has proved challenging for companies over the past few years. Ensuring that supply chains are still configured for purpose was a key issue at the1-2-1 Supply Chain Summit in Birmingham

European transport prices increase

Transport prices in Europe are now 1.2 per cent up on last year, according to the Transport Market Monitor for the second quarter of 2013 compiled by Capgemini and Transporeon.

Supply chain risk marginal for 60pc of companies

As many as 60 per cent of companies pay only marginal attention to supply chain risk reduction processes, according to a new study by the Study by the MIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation and PwC

Dedicated to risk reduction

One of the UK’s leading food retailers last week announced that it was starting to produce all its frozen beef from its own dedicated production facility – not only ensuring full traceability but also giving it one of the shortest supply chains in the sec

How to spot a fake

Any discussion of supply chain risk tends to focus on such things as natural disasters and supplier failures

Car makers form community to manage risk

Aston Martin, Jaguar Land Rover and Toyota Motor Europe have formed an automotive community, aimed at creating “collective protection” from supply chain risks

Emerging risks under scrutiny

The Supply Chain Risk Leadership Council, which includes leading companies, academic institutions and government bodies, has published its first ever emerging risks report

Market-changing risks

The fall-out from the horsemeat scandal is continuing with research showing a slowdown in the growth of the £2bn ready meals market

Is agile always best?

Creating an agile supply chain has become the Holy Grail for businesses seeking to offset a broadening spectrum of risk. But is agility always the best option?

Why banks face supply chain risk

Banks have taken quite a bashing over the past few years. First there were the heavy (and for some, continuing) losses, then there was payment protection mis-selling and the Libor scandal, plus the ongoing rumblings about the bonus culture

Resilience rules

Supply chain risk was at the forefront of delegates minds at Davos with the publication of a new report looking at boosting resilience globally

Lack of resilience a concern, says WEF report

Business and governments are increasingly concerned about the lack of resilience that exists in global supply chains, according to a new report from the World Economic Forum, Building Resilience in Supply Chains

Climate change threat to supply chains

Seventy per cent of companies believe that climate change has the potential to affect their revenue significantly, a risk which is intensified by a chasm between the sustainable business practices of multinational corporations and their suppliers...

New year: new challenges

The hazards of trying to manage a long complex supply chain are nowhere better illustrated than by the tragic case of a factory fire in Bangladesh last month which killed more than 100 garment workers

Who’s responsible for supply chain risk?

Given the wide diversity of supply chain risk that most companies are exposed to, shouldn’t we be thinking about just who in the organisation should be responsible for keeping tabs on it?

Are supply chains still too fragile?

Supply chain risk issues are still causing concern in the US IT industry, according to a new study by BDO, the accounting and consulting organisation. In fact, the concerns have increased in each of the past three years

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