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Finance chiefs fear that supply chain risk is increasing

The increasing interdependency of suppliers, partners and customers is causing concern among finance executives that commercial risks in the supply chain are also increasing, according to a report by software house Basware

Strategies to mitigate supply chain risk under scrutiny

The past year has seen some major challenges for supply chain professionals with natural disasters such as tsunamis and floods disrupting operations. Not surprisingly mitigating supply chain risk has moved sharply up the executive agenda

1 in 12 firms rely on high risk suppliers

One in twelve large businesses is substantially reliant on high-risk suppliers, according to research commissioned by procurement advisors Achilles

New metrics to measure supply chain risk

It says a lot about the perception of supply chain that it is now a subject of debate at the World Economic Forum. And, the fact that it chose to focus on risk is hardly a surprise...

Have you got a policy on slavery?

Are you able to set out your efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from your supply chain? From 1st January you will need to be able to...

Sedex launches tool to measure supply chain risk

Sedex, the collaborative platform for sharing ethical supply chain data, has launched a risk assessment tool as part of its efforts to drive improvements in global supply chains and reduce duplication in ethical auditing

Multinationals to drop dirty suppliers

Half of multinationals will select future suppliers based upon carbon performance, and 56 per cent intend to deselect suppliers with a poor record on carbon, according to a new report by the Carbon Trust Advisory

Manufacturers target supply chain risk

Global manufacturers are investing in risk management in their supply chains, according to a KPMG report: Global Manufacturing Outlook: Growth while Managing Volatility

The reputation chain (part 2)

The road to globalisation is littered with companies that have been caught out because they have failed to ensure workers in far away factories are treated properly - and paid properly, or that appropriate steps have been taken to protect the environment

The economic impact of supply chain risk

What impact does our understanding of supply chain risk have on economic performance? And, just when is the US economy going to get us out of this mess?

Re-thinking risk

As aftershocks continue to hit Japan, and automotive plants around the world adjust to shortages of key components, perhaps it's time to re-think our approach to supply chain risk.

Researchers highlight risk to electronics supply chain

The disruption to the global electronics supply chain caused by the Japan earthquake could recur in other regions of Asia because of the high concentration of technology industries in certain countries, according to industry specialist IHS iSuppli

One third of retailers risk Christmas stock-outs

Almost a third of high street retailers are gambling with stock shortages over the Christmas period and passing pressure back onto the supply chain, according to a study by cloud computing company NetSuite

70pc of supply chains hit by disruption

Over 70 per cent of organisations have experienced at least one supply chain disruption in 2010, a survey by the Business Continuity Institute reveals

Supply chain risks: act now

Brian J O’Connor is an international consultant working in extended supply chains in America and China.

Rules change in the global marketplace

As flexibility, short production runs and responsiveness to market demands become the survival factors for 2010, can global supply chains deliver performance as well as price? By NIck Allen

MIT wants answers on supply chain risk

The MIT Centre for Transportation & Logistics in the United States is carrying out a study of Supply Chain Risk Management and is inviting supply chain, business and financial management professionals to take part in a survey.

Beware growing risk in the supply chain

The drive to control operating costs and improve efficiencies by global businesses during recession has the potential to create new risk exposures within supply chains according to insurer ACE European Group.

Risk to retail supply chain escalating, warns Braithwaite

Uncertainty in forecasting retail sales volumes and a financial crisis in the freight industry is pushing up the level of risk for retailers in the run-up to Christmas, Alan Braithwaite of LCP Consulting has warned.

Are you managing the right risks?

Any discussion of supply chain strategy these days simply has to include risk management. The question is, are you managing the right risks?

Manage risk in your chain

The most important thing for suppliers used to be getting the right price. Now they are looking for large stable customers with early payment terms - so payment has become a critical activity for suppliers who are managing tight cash flows. The days when

Stand by your brand

Once again ethical sourcing has hit the headlines. Primark, the much-loved destination of the budget shopper, has been busy defending its brand against accusations from the BBC and The Observer

Risk: A complex problem

Managing a global supply chain is getting more difficult and more risky, but the focus of Europe's multinational companies is starkly different from that of their North American counterparts.

Risk awareness

Managing a supply chain is a risky business and the longer the supply chain the riskier it gets. According to a new report from analysts Aberdeen Group entitled 'Supply Chain Risk Management - building a resilient global supply chain', over the past year,

Going green is a supply chain function

The "greening" of companies needs to be taken out of the hands of marketers and given to supply chain managers that can influence the procurement processes, according to Aon Global Risk Consulting.

Reducing the risk of SC transformation

Once companies have made an initial change investment, how do they optimise their supply chains and continually drive for incremental improvements in people and processes? Sue Pryce shows the way.

Carbon Disclosure Project findings reflect risk of regulation

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the world's largest investor collaboration on climate change, with 385 institutional investors holding assets under management of US $57 trillion, has announced the first ever findings of its Supply Chain Leadership Co

Report highlights risks of supply chain fraud

As companies expand globally, outsource business operations and add new IT systems, they become more vulnerable to fraud, according to a report from Kroll, a leading risk consulting company.

What are the risks?

When it comes to extended supply chains, risk is the name of the game. Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner may have wowed the aerospace sector with its sleek looks and impressive projections on fuel efficiency

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