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Counting the IT risks

A pleasingly unround total of 11 areas of technology risk face companies according to a recent report

Measuring up risk

As the world becomes a more unstable place it’s time to consider risk mitigation measures.

Getting to grips with risk

Results from a survey conducted during the recent Extended Supply Chain event suggest an evolution in percieved risk.

Minimising the risk of cargo loss

The grounding, in January, of the container ship MSC Napoli in Lyme Bay, made headline news. A hundred or so containers were lost in the incident, some of which washed up on the beach: several thousand remain on board and may not be recovered for another

Balancing risk and reward

How do you prove failure of duty? This appears to be a tricky issue for any claimant considering taking a consultancy to court. Most discrepancies relating to strategic organisational change that may not have delivered the desired results tend to be settl

Calculating the Risks and Benefits of Automation

Committing to a warehouse automation project requires complete confidence in the forward strategy of the company, a full understanding of present and future supply chain requirements, a detailed knowledge of the product profiles being handled and importan

Managing the risks

Western manufacturers now need to know more about managing networks than they do about making things. Outsourcing manufacturing to distant low cost economies may cut unit costs but increased complexity and risk are creating new challenges for the supply

Risk and reward

Supply chain decisions need better risk management input.

The challenge of innovation – balancing risk and reward

Applying innovative technology in an intelligent fashion can yield real benefits, but how do you identify a tangible application, assess the risks and justify the expenditure? Which particularareas merit focus and produce most value? Our roundtable panell

The challenge of Global Sourcing

The trend to globalisation shows no signs of weakening. The purpose of this round table debate was to explore some of the many challenges that global sourcing is throwing up for supply chain operations and for the wider business. By Sam Tulip

Be prepared for the worst

Business continuity plans can protect firms from emerging risks. By Alex Hindson and Angel Pompa

A social conscience

Extension of CSR reporting up the inbound supply chain boosts transparency but raises some tricky questions.

Risk and reward

As logistics property developers pluck-up the courage to move into Eastern Europe, some are more keen on sites close to Ports in the West. But what do their clients want?

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