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Network Design and Optimisation: Maze mastery

A supply chain network can turn into a maze without a proper Understanding of its true objectives. Malory Davies looks at the key factors in ensuring the success of a design and optimisation project.

US Congress to vote on supply chain slavery law

The US Congress is to be asked to vote on a bill targeting slavery in the supply chain. The bipartisan bill would require companies with sales over $100 million to disclose the measures they are taking to prevent human trafficking, slavery and child labour in their supply chains as part of their annual reports.

Time to look again at VMI

Some 36 per cent of senior managers in retailers and manufacturers reckon their organisations have too much cash tied up in inventory – and 29 per cent think they have too much excess and/or obsolete inventory.

GSK explains award-winning supply chain transformation

GlaxoSmithKline cut lead times in its R&D lab supplies operation and more than doubled OTIF through a series of initiatives – and it went on to win not one, but two European Supply Chain Excellence Awards last year

Morrisons plans more centralised distribution

Supermarket group Morrisons will increase the centralisation of its distribution network as part of a plan to make savings of more than £1 billion over the next three years from supply chain and procurement

Who you gonna call?

Every company would like to obtain visibility and control across its trading network, but when you're one of the world's largest telecommunication companies, it becomes a necessity

From Shenzen with love

A problem with James Bond’s car is guaranteed to get the attention of the popular press. Maybe the indicators no longer drop down in time when machine guns fire. Or could it be a problem with the ejector seat?

What makes this Pi special?

It's gone from zero to two million sales in less than two years. The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer that costs just £30. It's not just the product that is turning heads, it's also the supply chain

LSC columnist Penelope Ody is a retail market specialist.

Tackling the merry-go-round

Online sales may be booming but so are the returns. With e-commerce now accounting for almost 20 per cent of UK non-food sales, reducing the returns rate – especially in the fashion sector – will be vital to maintain margins

Go large

The concept of big data is becoming increasingly important in the supply chain as organisations seek to make use of the massive amounts of data coming their way from customers. How will ERP systems cope, asks Malory Davies

DHL tackles disruption with Resilience360

DHL has launched a new risk management solution, DHL Resilience360, which it reckons can enable businesses to deal with global, environmental, and socio-political volatility, by providing them with an end-to-end view of their supply chains and real-time r

Awards 2013: Energy, Utilities & Transport

The Energy, Utilities & Transport category produced strong results and all three shortlisted companies were close in the scoring, which made it tough on the judges

Perfect procurement

UK retailers could increase their profits by 4.8 per cent by better procurement - that amounts to £1.3 billion across the industry

Changing chains in volatile times

Rapid change in the global trade business environment has proved challenging for companies over the past few years. Ensuring that supply chains are still configured for purpose was a key issue at the1-2-1 Supply Chain Summit in Birmingham

The quest for agile execution

Efficient supply chain execution is dependent upon systems that are highly connected, responsive and, perhaps above all else, capable of delivering agility. As near-shoring gathers pace and supply chains become shorter, the emphasis will be on agility. By

Buyer beware

Have cost-driven purchasing strategies passed their sell by date? Nick Allen looks at the qualities required for a more sophisticated approach to buying

E2open acquires icon-scm

E2open has acquired icon-scm, the supply chain planning and collaboration systems provider, in a deal valued at some $34 million

Brands join supply chain club

A Brand Supply Chain Club has been established in Paris by online fashion retailer to establish a collaborative working platform with its supplier brands

Two years to close the visibility gap

Manufacturers believe that they will need to provide full visibility of their supply chains as a base requirement, according to a survey of 45 consumer goods supply chain and logistics professionals who attended workshop entitled “Beyond the Visibility Ga

Towers of strength

The complexity of modern supply chains is encapsulated in the WTO concept of ‘Made in the World’. Maintaining visibility of complex extended supply chains and the role of control towers were central to a round table discussion

Retail’s seismic shift

Retail organisations are facing a seismic shift in the markets they serve – from multiple channels to international expansion. But are the systems in place to fulfil orders and manage returns across this altered and highly complex landscape?

Supply chain visibility under scrutiny

The importance of supply chain visibility and how to achieve it is highlighted in a new report from the Aberdeen Group entitled: “Supply chain visibility excellence – mastering complexity and landed costs.”

Kerry expands at Chongqing

Kerry Logistics has broken ground to expand its Chongqing logistics centre just months after the completion of the first phase of the building, to meet growth in demand

EU project for compliance and visibility

A consortium of businesses, government authorities and research institutes have combined eFreight and eCustoms to improve supply chain visibility and enhance trade compliance and the effectiveness of border controls in the Cassandra project

Yusen mobile visibility

Yusen Logistics has developed a mobile application to give customers full visibility of the supply chain

Real time visibility for Abercrombie & Fitch

Clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch has chosen Management Dynamics to provide real-time visibility into the status of orders, shipments and in-transit inventory

Web TV Debate: Supply Chain Visibility

A record number of supply chain professionals tuned in to our latest web TV debate on Supply Chain Visibility and it is now available for you to view online.

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