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Investing to avert tragedy

As the British public reel from the tragic news of the loss of four brave firefighters who died in a warehouse fire at a fruit and vegetable packing plant in Atherstone, Warwicks, at the weekend, questions relating to safety procedures and documentation o

The moral gap

Ethical sourcing has hit the headlines again this week with news of forced child labour being used in the manufacture of a particular item of children’s clothing for US based fashion retailer, Gap.

The value in understanding the pack

Gaining an insight into how enterprises value supply chain management and deploy resources to develop progressive supply chain ‘good practice’ is important to every responsible manager/practitioner. Only by understanding how the pack runs are you able to

It’s time the construction sector adopted good SC practice

As British MPs contemplate the unwelcome prospect of decamping from the splendour of the Palace of Westminster to a near by building while building work is undertaken on the mid-nineteenth century structure, construction logistics comes very much to mind.

The many routes to market

Retail is changing fast. Multi-channel retailing is the name of the game for leading high street brands, but a strategic mix of online and physical stores is far from simple to manage, as the world''s second largest computer maker is finding out.

Is your value chain under the microscope?

Just how important the supply chain is to the financial well being of an enterprise has been understood by a number of enlightened CFOs for some time. But now, it appears, investors are keen to have a greater understanding of the competitive position re

Time to get carbon conscious

Once considered the domain of eco-warriors, such as 'Swampy' and Prince Charles, environmental awareness has, over the past year, been catapulted to the forefront of main-stream thinking - we are now all expected to be 'greener' than 'green'.

Japan quake triggers questions over JIT

The recent earthquake in north west Japan has sent reverberations through the supply chains of Japan’s leading car makers. And once again, questions are being asked about the risks involved in single sourcing and lean production systems.

Europe’s strategic supply chain management resource

Supply Chain Standard's new website is now live. Since the magazine's rebranding as Supply Chain Standard in February, extensive work has been undertaken to create what will undoubtedly be the most comprehensive 'knowledge bank' on supply chain thinking i

Enter the Awards and find out just how good you really are

Just how good do you think your supply chain is? Those close to the operation may well have adifferent perception to those external to the organisation. And more often than not, far from management believing they are better than they are, it’s quite lik

Retailers must adapt to the multichannel challenge

Retailers are facing a number of tough challenges. Firstly, there is the growing demand by consumers for Fair Trade goods. This places the onus on retailers to source goods, such as cotton garments, from ethically sound producers – so salving consumer con

Setting a high standard

Over the ten years of The European Supply Chain Excellence Awards, Logistics Europe has worked closely with its partners to seek out best practice in supply chain management. Our aim has been to benchmark performance and to set the standards by which supp

The long road to local sourcing

The maxim ‘The customer is king’ has always held true in retailing. The problem is ‘the king’ is now more demanding than ever.

Brave new World

It’s surprising, but true. Despite stringent security measures put in place for the movement of cargo following 9/11, worldwide trade has actually speeded up.

Moving to the fast lane

Mirror, signal, manoeuvre. The automotive sector is indicating and moving to cross into the fast lane, but it may have neglected to take a look in the mirror.

Marriage of convenience

Once again the UK grocery sector has been referred to the Competition Commission, much to the open applause of the independent convenience stores. But should the consumer be smiling at this news?

Masters of uncertainty

Nothing is certain anymore. Commercial environments are in constant flux, with new competitors arising from unexpected channels and ways of doing business shifting to online models. The companies that are to win out are those that are capable of adapting

Ten of the best

It’s hard to imagine, but this is the 10th year of The European Supply Chain Excellence Awards. Many hundreds of companies have entered these Awards over the past decade, a large number of which have been major international enterprises and highly recogni

Stop the Carousel

Where do you stand if there is VAT fraud - perhaps several links away - in your supply chain? Until a ruling by the European Court of Justice just two or three weeks ago it could have cost you very dearly.

The path to excellence

The Engineering and General Manufacturing sector has made a comeback this year, with Rexam Beverage Can Europe & Asia taking the top prize in The European Supply Chain Excellence Awards 2005.

Working on the margins

The high street is a pretty cold place to be at the moment. Margins are under pressure as retailers markdown to clear stock in a lacklustre market. But pushing inventory through store at discount is no way to make the shareholders happy.

Seeking the path to ‘value’

At what point do you achieve the best value? Is it when you achieve the lowest possible cost, or could it be when you receive the highest performance in service at a reasonable cost? Of course, it would seem appropriate to assume that in most cases a bala

The drum-beat of rfid

Where are we going with rfid? A tidal wave of opinion from consultants tells us that it’s the next big thing to hit supply chain and retail, and yet many high profile companies out there seem far from impressed.

Table your views

Complexity, strategic sourcing, partnerships, change management, planning, execution, fulfilment, rfid compliance… I could go on. These are all pertinent and pressing issues affecting those individuals charged with the efficient running of their company’s

A sea change in property investment

East Europe may hold plenty of promise for developers of speculative logistics sites, but the risks are considerable. True, manufacturing is pushing East, fast on the heels of cheaper labour.

Watch out for RFID

As previous years may have been dubbed the year of ‘Collaboration’ or perhaps, ‘ERP’, there can be little doubt that 2005 will be exalted as ‘the year of RFID’. And although it may be tempting to dismiss this prominent subject as just ‘hype’, elevated to

In pursuit of excellence

For the finalists of the eighth year of the European Supply Chain Excellence Awards, gathered at The Dorchester Hotel on the evening of the 18th November, there could have been few surprises that the overall winner’s trophy went to Dell.

Gambling on innovation

Chairmen and CEOs ignore the supply chain at their peril. Retailers may consider their main activity as selling, but the more astute may make a more considered analysis. The ‘Chairman’s Agenda’ column on page 22 of this issue refers to Wal-Mart’s descript

It’s crunch time

Well, it looks like crunch time for suppliers to the world’s leading retailers. What with Wal-Mart compelling it’s top suppliers to take the plunge into Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) by the first of January 2005 and several other leading retailers

Driving a hard bargain

For car manufacturers the World is a tough place. The bottom line is, demand no longer outstrips supply. And that puts the customer firmly in the driving seat.

Location, location, limitation

To an increasing degree Napoleon Bonaparte is being proved largely correct in his disparaging remark that ‘England is a nation of shop keepers’. The UK’s retailers are certainly growing in international importance as manufacturing wanes, but interestingly

Return to profit

What happens when you discover, to your horror and great irritation, that your new mobile phone is faulty? Okay, it may be an inconvenience to you, the consumer, but for the retailer and for the manufacturer it’s not only an irritation, it’s a cost.

Stairway to the Stars

What makes a Star? Hollywood may have its own notions on this, but the judging panel of The European Supply Chain Excellence Awards are in no doubt as to what constitutes Star Quality in their eyes – collaborative working, holistic performance and above a

Releasing potential through property

There’s money in property. And with stock markets languishing in the doldrums it’s probably truer today than ever. In these leaner times, perhaps it’s time to turn to the very ground that your products sit on to make strategic sense for the future.

Ten years, can you believe it?

How times have changed. Ten years ago this month I launched Logistics Europe into a brave new world, a Europe without borders. They were exciting times, not only for the new publishing venture I was involved in, but also for the promise of structural chan

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