Wednesday 15th Jul 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

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Europe on the edge

Predictably, some familiar themes kept recurring at the Extended Supply Chain 2008 conference, held in London last month.

Rethinking the unthinkable

Economic forecasters agreed there are tough times ahead, so a little imagination and future planning may not come amiss.

Reality check

Technology has transformed the way we shop, manage the supply chain and communicate – or are things not quite so efficient as they seem?

The joined-up challenge

Pundits and politicians talk about the need for joined-up thinking, and ERP vendors and systems integrators are equally enthisiastic. But just how joined-up are our supply chains in reality?

The last mile

Retailers are rightly concerned about that last mile in the home delivery process, and how their goods arrive on our doorsteps.

A different track

Watching the transcontinental trucks thunder down the motorway focusses the mind on all that burning diesel. Can't we use trains more?

Dictated by data

A few years ago, lumbering data warehouses with nightly number crunching were the rarefied preserve of computer science graduates. Today it’s rather different – data is the vital business driver.

Bring it home

Rising fuel costs, concerns over congestion and carbon emissions, global consumerism – perhaps the time has come for a change in production planning. Penelope Ody

Make an event of it

Managing a large amount of data in real-time used to demand supercomputers, teams of highly-paid IT experts, years of work and a lot of money. Today, complex event processing systems are turning it into a lower budget affair. Penelope Ody

Reaching Out

Retail supply chains used to be about manufacturers sending goods to shops with the occasional wholesaler or distribution centre in between. Not any more – the extended retail supply chain goes to the shelf, the shopping basket and even the kitchen cupboa

A Shift to the East

The reshaping of the European Union will affect distribution in some profound ways. Romania, regarded by many as a wild frontier, could soon become a significant transit hub.

Go with the flow

How do you achieve an accurate forecast in retail? Enter ‘flowcastin’. By Penelope Ody

Making the most of RFID

Interest in RFID has been preoccupied with stock keeping but signs of a more innovative approach are evolving.

Get ready to rummage

The consumer packaged goods sector is embracing retail-ready packaging. Will this mean fewer stock-outs or simply untidier shelves? By Penelope Ody

Better laid plans

There are clever technical solutions for every supply chain activity – so why does everyone use spreadsheets? By Penelope Ody

Bringing home the bacon

With more shoppers buying online, getting the goods home is presenting fresh challenges. By Penelope Ody

Give RFID a second chance

After the hype, many feel disillusioned with RFID but the technology continues to move ahead as prices fall and trials proliferate.

Beat the bureaucrats’ ban

Global sourcing is an everyday fact of retail life – or it is until the protectionists get involved, putting supply chain issues on the front page. By Penelope Ody

For better or for worse

IT consolidation is the name of the game, but is that good news for customers?

Re-engineering with RFID

Effective process change is fast emerging as a key benefit of RFID technology, but would you processes change without it?

Watching the vans go by

Delivering groceries to customers may be attractive for shoppers but as volumes ramp up there are questions over the viability of fulfilment models.

Getting out of the jam

As the Christmas traffic builds, our town centres lurch closer to gridlock and the need for collaborative logistics systems seems ever more paramount.

Keeping the shelves filled

Out-of-stocks and product delisting can be the bane of a shopper’s life – they’ve certainly been irritating this summer.

Heading for global integration

Back in the dot-com boom, trading exchanges were going to transform the sourcing and supply chain. Today only a handful survive but global sourcing remains a hot topic.

Design for life

Product lifecycle management (PLM) might have originated in the world of heavy engineering but it is now proving it’s worth in retailing and the ephemeral world of fashion.

A load of rubbish

The EU’s delightfully-named WEEE recycling directive must be ratified by August and will take effect in 2005. Brace yourself for similar chaos as engendered by that famous directive about fridges – for which the UK government had also failed to plan.

Changing exchanges

After the shake-out of public trading exchanges, the survivors could be coming into their own.

No time for nitpicking

RFID technology is set to transform the supply chain – once the price is right - and if negative publicity does not stifle innovation

One way system

IT is transforming in-vehicle technology with a growing mish-mash of gadgets competing for drivers’ attention. Creating a simplified solution is becoming a priority.

Wasting time and money?

With dubious EU recycling initiatives looming, returns handling is taking centre stage.

Learning to manage demand

Demand forecasting is a given, but demand chain optimisation is something very different.

Retail gets real

Real-time retailing is already having a major impact on supply chains.

Loads of possibilities

In a world of diminishing carrier options, the new ‘multiple carrier management’ packages will automate the juggling of shipments between a number of distribution companies.

Go for IT

As we all know only too well from ten years of PC upgrades, information technology is a very fast-moving sector. So, what will the next few years have in store for the logistics sector?

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