Sunday 25th Oct 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Cloud drives business collaboration – EIU report

Cloud technology can be planned, structured and implemented to help drive innovation and growth, according to a new report from the Economist Intelligence Unit, which looks at how six companies, both large and small, are using the technology.

The SAP sponsored study, entitled “The collaborative cloud”, found that many companies will reach a point where current systems have become taxed by data siloes and collaboration has slowed owing to duplication of effort, compartmentalisation of knowledge, and block of cross-enterprise initiatives. Moving into the cloud could enable them to leapfrog to broader integrated solutions.

The EIU found a number of unexpected outcomes. For example, users were able to access knowledge that was historically stored in distant or siloed parts of the enterprise, which facilitated sharing and improved collaboration.

Companies also reported an improvement in the innovation process, and the pervasive availability of data drove cost-saving efficiencies.

However, the report also made it clear that “cloud, for all of its technical virtues, requires extensive communication, advocacy and executive support to succeed. Achieving buy-in and conversion to the new system, unless properly managed, can present risks to and cause delays in cloud deployments.”

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