Thursday 24th Sep 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

DHL enhances risk management platform

DHL has launched the next phase Resilience360, supply chain risk management platform that alerts customers about global incidents and risks to their global supply chain in almost real time.

The enhancements allow a customer to visualise the route of its supply chain by integrating Resilience360 with its transport management system. The customer can then scan the latest position and status of all its shipments worldwide.

A new country-specific risk page will also provide customers with an overview of supply chain relevant risk scores and incident trends.

A global incident report will be compiled into a weekly supply chain risk intelligence bulletin, “360º Insights”.

DHL said that the largest uptake had been in the automotive industry, followed closely by chemicals, life sciences and the technology sector.

DHL has also commissioned a new whitepaper which argues that the globalisation rush has led to lean, complex and highly intertwined supply chains at a time when the risk of disruption has never been greater.

‘Next-gen LLP: Driving new business value in an unpredictable world’ focuses on how supply chain operators are seeking alternative efficiency and resilient solutions by partnering with lead logistics providers.

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