Monday 26th Oct 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Ferrari looks to S&OP for 40pc boost in supply chain performance

Ferrari is looking for a 40 per cent improvement in supply chain performance from introduction of a new sales and operations planning system to automate workflows.

The Infor S&OP system will replace legacy systems and a spreadsheet-based set of processes. It will provide automated workflows to help Ferrari guarantee the flow of information across demand, from some 200 dealers, and supply, and into production.Ferrari458

Ferrari is looking for improved accuracy of data, standardised planning and information flow processes and enhanced functionality from the S&OP system.

This will enable comprehensive tracking of any changes in dealer demand and the subsequent changes to the Ferrari production plan, as well as help improve governance, the approval process and compliance.

This would enable Ferrari to respond quickly to changes and meet customer demand, due to the intelligent business support provided by S&OP.

“Given the international demand for Ferrari cars, it is imperative that the most accurate picture of demand, from over 300 global dealers all offering individual, personalized supercars, is delivered to the production site in Maranello, said Pieter Leijten, vice president supply chain at Infor.

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