Thursday 29th Oct 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

French rail company chooses FuturMaster for demand management

Freight logistics, transport and global passenger travel company SNCF has chosen FuturMaster’s demand management software.

Agents Matériel en techincentreThe French business chose the programme to manage its forecasting for replacement parts used for the maintenance of trains at its 38 technical facilities.

“Planning for spare parts and maintenance on trains is a very complicated business,” said Servane Morin-Badier, SNCF’s business project manager. “The software allows us to treat in four hours very large volumes of daily forecasts with around a million data configurations recalculated every day.”

“Our supply chain purpose is to guarantee the availability of replacement parts in order to meet our partners’ requirements for material maintenance.

“These maintenance operations are necessary to guarantee our clients’ safety and comfort.”

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