Friday 27th Nov 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

FTA Ireland demands repeal of French law

The Freight Transport Association in Ireland has called on the Irish government to seek a repeal of a French law, Loi Macron, designed to support minimum wage regulations.

The FTAI said the Macron law rules do not apply to transit operations through France, only to transport operations in France, and don’t apply to self-employed drivers either. “The law is notionally intended to enforce the French minimum wage. It requires transport companies to submit a ‘posting’ certificate for each worker, which must be renewed every six months. The employer must also appoint a company representative in France for the duration of the transport operation plus 18 months.”

It argues that if the French do not repeal the law, then the Irish government should enforce reciprocal measures.

Neil McDonnell, FTA Ireland general manager said: “This law is ludicrous and totally unfair to our members. It constitutes a direct assault on the principle of free movement of goods and services throughout the EU. It is a cynical protectionist measure, designed to make transport operations within French territory administratively difficult, unless carried out on French vehicles.

“FTA Ireland considers these rules to be a ridiculous interpretation of Directive 96/71/EC, which applies to workers posted to another country. The directive was never intended to apply to workers temporarily operating in another country on transport operations.”

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