Sunday 27th Sep 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Government must act to meet logistics needs

The supply chain community needs the support of a government that understands the problems that it faces, and is prepared to take appropriate steps to help solve them, Peter Ward, CEO of the UK Warehousing Association, will tell ministers, MPs and civil servants at the associations annual House of Lords lunch.

PETER“British society is in the midst of a period of rapid and wide-ranging change and many of the decisions taken at Westminster during 2016 are likely to have a clear and lasting impact on the UK’s future logistics and transport landscapes,” said Ward ahead of the event which takes place in March.

He pointed out that the number of people living in the UK would rise by almost ten million in 25 years. “Because these people will need to be fed and clothed, the Government has to act to not only ensure that our road and rail infrastructure can sustain the physical movement of goods at the kind of levels that will be required, but that enough warehouses and distribution centres are built in parts of the country where they will be able to serve our rapidly expanding communities.

“The efficient operation of the logistics and supply chain sector has always been essential to the performance of the British economy and UKWA is striving to sway government thinking by highlighting the central importance of our industry and the companies that operate within it, to the smooth running of ‘UK plc’,” he said.

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