Friday 10th Jul 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

HP reveals new environmental supply chain goals

HP has launched its 2016 Sustainability Report which outlines its new environmental supply chain goals at its Sustainability Summit in Central London.

The global IT company aims to shrink its global footprint through a ten per cent cut in supply chain greenhouse gas emissions by 2025.

As well as this, it reveals goals to double factory participation in supply chain sustainability programmes, as well as develop skills and improve the well-being of 500,000 supplier factory workers by 2025.

At the event, Judy Glazer, from HP’s circular economy program, spoke about how crucial it is to find ways to deliver to growing populations. HP are adopting a circular economy program, which Glazer said involves “keeping products in service for longer, and then refurbishing and reusing materials instead of throwing them away.” She used the company’s modular tablet as an example of a product that is easily upgradable and adaptable.

Recycled plastic bottles from Haiti

The business has also launched the sale of Original HP ink cartridges made with plastic from bottles recycled in Haiti.

“HP has been committed to sourcing materials responsibly and treating all workers with respect for decades,” said Stuart Pann, HP chief supply chain officer. “Our work in Haiti enables us to reach the vulnerable collectors in Haiti and make their plastic part of our supply chain—which creates economic opportunities and a better quality of life for these families.”

“Sustainable supply chains have to start from the bottom up, and the First Mile of the supply chain is where we thrive,” said Ian Rosenberger, founder and CEO of Thread. “While Thread usually makes yarn for apparel brands, some of the waste Thread entrepreneurs process is more suited for other products. In this case, we are proud this partnership can expand Thread’s mission to improve working conditions for collectors and create consistent urban markets for the poor.”

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