Friday 30th Oct 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

IAG transports endangered rhino to US

IAG Cargo has transported four white rhinos from Johannesburg to Miami as part of a conservation project for the endangered species.

The animals were transported from OR Tambo International to Miami International via London Heathrow, before making their way to the Centre for Conservation of Tropical Ungulates in Florida. They will be named once they’ve settled in.

The rhinos were transported via IAG Cargo’s Live Animals product, which is fully compliant with both the IATA Live Animal Regulations (LAR) and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

IAG Cargo used the temperature management systems on its Airbus A380 to maintain an ideal temperature range to help the rhinos remain relaxed and comfortable throughout the entire journey.

Gabriella Tamasi, global product manager premium products at IAG Cargo said: “Not only does this shipment highlight the air cargo industry’s important role in the protection of endangered species, but this specific shipment also illustrates the versatility of our Live Animals product and the strength and depth of knowledge the IAG Cargo team has globally.”

Mike Bester, founder of the Bester Birds & Animals Zoo Park where the animals are being held before transport to the conservation facility, said that the white rhino is under significant threat from poaching and as a result these rhinos have been transported to the Centre for Conservation of Tropical Ungulates as part of a specialist breeding programme.

“I’m delighted to report the rhinos travelled very well, with IAG Cargo ensuring the rhinos’ safety and security was maintained throughout, as well as being able to meet very specific duties of care for the animals as a result of its expert staff, facilities and next-generation aircraft,” added Bester.

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